How Laser Printer & Toner Cartridges Work

Learn how a laser printer works, how a toner cartridge and drum cartridge works inside of a laser printer, and lastly, how to save over 50% on printing supplies when you visit


  1. JustMakingComments

    There are lots of color laser printers out there.

  2. Jenfucius

    Where’s the laser in the printer?

  3. MaxReviewsVideos

    Good question! As in all laser printers, the laser is “shot” from a laser emitting unit and this unit has to be positioned very close to the drum, as the laser has to “write” on the drum first, then the area on the drum being discharged, will be able to attract the toner only where the laser has “hit” it.

    In this printer, though not visible, the laser unit is located deep inside, nearby where the OPC drum sits, where it needs to be in order to have access to the exposed drum.

  4. Jenfucius

    Maybe you can make a Part 2 sequel that goes into the nitty gritty of the printer?

    Great video though! #1

  5. aomcopier

    We call them mag rollers and drums not magnetic roller or imaging drum! You obviously don’t know the terms. If someone talked like that I would know they didn’t work in this industry!

  6. aomcopier

    I was not refering to this video but the guy who critized your video and the terms you used in it.

  7. 1Ali380

    10 years old damnnn (doesn’t look like it).

  8. MaxReviewsVideos

    Thanks! Yes as you obviously know, we have our slangs in the industry, and there are indeed many ways of saying the same things. =)

  9. randomforum

    Great video, but… the website adress is in the way, can’t see anything… atleast not the important thing, it is in the way, also, remove the speach and insert some music, or I will copy this video clip and do it by myself. 😛

  10. rrrohan2288

    Black roller in toner cart is a Developer. this is holding toner using static electricity.
    it then goes onto the drum. then the peice of paper is pushed up against the drum with a transfer roller. it then goes through a Fuser to burn toner into page. then the 10 year old printer probaly jams and you buy a new one 🙂

  11. cchambex

    Generally, you want to make a script about what you want to clearly articulate. You also want to be technically correct and used the correct terms.
    As someone who is studying A+ Certification, this video appears “off the cuff” and factually inaccurate. Please pull this video and re-do it with a quality production.

  12. MaxReviewsVideos

    Thanks for the constructive video production tips. I’ll keep them in mind when I actually make a real video someday.

    Yes, this WAS my first video, and it was purposely done on the fly with very little preparation. Production quality was not the focus. It was actually done to test out a few crucial things behind the scenes, which I was pleased with! =)

    As for pulling this video and re-doing it? I wish I had the time! Besides, I kinda like how this crappy video got 10k+ views in 6 months! 😉

  13. VirgLondon

    yeah, I’m studying a+ at the moment and the video is not as in depth as the actual process. While I’m not that familiar with laser printers there is alot to take in with the whole process

  14. randomhero20022

    cchambex shut up and appreciate the effort this guy has made to post a video, unlike your critical ass

  15. gamerz654



  16. warrior7772

    OPC does NOT mean Optical PhotoConductor. It means Organic PhotoConductor. Get your facts straight please.

  17. Azrock2007

    Not helpful and boring video , try to do a good work next time please.

  18. deepblue69uk

    There are some really nasty posters here. I believe that both terms for OPC are correct….what does it matter. I’d only complain if he was an engineer from the printer manufacturer themselves and he got something wrong because then you would expect his knowledge to be pin point accurate. He explains it pretty well. If you want to be sure that everything in this video is correct….do the research!

  19. MaxReviewsVideos

    thanks for being constructive! =)

  20. MaxReviewsVideos

    thanks for your honesty…i think it’s boring too, but thanks for watching it! i intend to do more preparation and more interesting production next time when i get around to it! =)

  21. MaxReviewsVideos

    you’re absolutely right…that was my bad! Don’t know why I used “optical” instead. =P

  22. deepblue69uk

    No probs. I think some people feel the need to demonstrate how wonderfully intelligent they are by knocking other people down on silly details. Anyway’s the vid is fine, I’ve just bought a laser mfp myself so I’ve had to look up everything I can about it to make sure it doesn’t cost the earth to replace parts on it as it ages. Oh the joys. 😉

  23. theturtlebee

    Great explaining video. I didnt know that the drum is limited. Not at all. Could you get those drums for the toners that comes with drum in one piece inestead of buying the whole cartridge?

  24. Deemahhh

    oh man, THANKS!
    i needed a video on laser printers for my science project
    thanks heaps 😀

  25. sugarandpie

    Good video, but next time you do this get someone to film for you (lol).

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