How can Printer ink expire?

This is my HP PSC1315xi and its relatively new Staples-remanufactured cartridges. It was printing perfectly until one day it suddenly stopped. A little research revealed that HP actually puts expiration in these cartridges. They say they do that so ink wouldn’t get dry and cause bad quality. How about bad reputation!?!? Special thanks to who made this video possible.


  1. denoxis

    Irrelevant, unless Oscar Meyer products has a chip in the package which holds the expiration date that can only be read by the refrigerator who seals the package on the expiration date forever without asking my permission or knowing real condition of the product. Company is responsible for putting ‘best before’ date, it is my call to consume the product or not. Printers cannot know the condition of the cartridges, they just estimate/guess, and most of the time they are off.

  2. denoxis

    I didn’t know such systems exist. I Googled around and it looks amazing. Thanks for the info.

  3. HairyOldCopywriter

    siobheanne sounds like he is an HP 9-5 slave. It’s in HP’s best interests that you purchase their ink. Check this out. Either pay HP or Epson $8,000 per gallon for ink or buy a CISS bulk ink system and cut your costs by 95%. Epson actually programs their printers to shut down after X amount of cycles. Then you fork over $100-$150 for a 2 minute job by a $8 an hour tech that resets your printer. Solution? By a waste ink bottle.

  4. bslove70

    printing with ink is not very cost effective….use toner instead…get a cheap laser printer from Dell

  5. scorpio209

    that printer is a piece of shit. i had 2 of them(long story)and they never print so i kicked the shit out of it and the glass fell into the into the little treadmill thing

  6. slickzippyuk

    There is no such thing as a cheap laser printer from Dell! Did you know that Dell printers are in fact made by Lexmark?
    And that they are THE most expensive inkjet and laser printers to run?

    I recommend a Samsung CLP300 Colour Laser, available from PC World for around £100 and the cartridges are cheap to replace too!

    I am an Industry expert and I own two Inkjet and Toner companies.

  7. NoCopywrite

    Wrong, my ink printer came with my old computer, I only print like 3 sheets a month, so its not cost effective to buy a laser printer, unless youre printing in bulk.

  8. bigbslove

    3 sheets a month huh?…you hardly have any right to speak on the subject….you know NOTHING about printing

  9. dickcheney6

    Why on earth do printers stop printing BLACK when the COLOR INK IS OUT! THE COMPANIES R RIPPING U OF!

  10. DeeJayQuick

    I’m speculating here. If you turn off the printer by pulling the power cord, it won’t have time to write the print cycle into memory. So next time you power up the ink reads at the same level.

  11. DeeJayQuick

    And if you decide to dissemble the printer for parts you’ll find the whole printer uses security screws. They’ve screwed us twice.

  12. JustMakingComments

    remove the battery and you might be able to use it again.

  13. InkjetTech007

    contrary to popular belief, this print cartridge.. that seems to be a “brand new” “re-man” ink cartridge will not last forever. its a consumable product. it cant just “expire by date trigger”

    we know what happens to consumable products, right? eventually they fail. wear out. “are unable to preform there originally manufactured duties!”

    No. there is no battery.

    No. there is no “kill date” it’s a “best if used before date”.

    Eventually these consumables fail. Buy a new print cartridge.

  14. Eirik174

    Hewlet Packard is a disciple of satan. This just happened to me, and i want to shoot the thing with a shotgun like other guys on youtube have done.

  15. OnlySoaa

    The circuit on the color cartridge died, and the printer printer is one of the models that requires both cartridges.

    It’s not a date triggered failure. It just happened that the color cartridge failed. And Staples cartridges kinda suck too.

  16. dav1d2903

    well i got a hp psc 1410, and hp have buried the batterys under everything, so if you wanted to remove the battery in these you have got a long messy job a head of you,so u basicly have to strip the whole printer insides out,all the litle parts that like to pop out but dont wanna go back in, iam not going to bother tying to do it, i will probbly fuck the printer up completly!!! fuck you HP ya scheming CUNTS

  17. SaganAppreciationSoc

    Hewlett Packard went to hell after they stopped focusing on workstations in the 80’s. Then Compaq came along after ruining DEC, they assimilated HP and made them suck even more.

    Never buy HP. Trust me on this. EVER. Installing the drivers for a multifunction printer/scanner took over 30 minutes on a dual-core machine running at 2GHz, and it put on all maner of crapware sans permission. Go to the site instead and download the minimal drivers instead.

  18. NineLivesUnlimted

    they are scheming CUNTS. i’ve got a hp6210 and it shits me everytime i have to refil the black cartridge. i can’t pull the cartridge out, i have to refill it inside the printer. sometimes i’ve had around 30 refills per cartridge, other times i’ve only had one.
    i’m gonna try pulling the cmos batteries out next.

  19. ccricers

    Can anyone recommend an afforable printer for my mom that doesn’t have this kind of problem? It’s for light printing work. She would only need it once every few weeks. So we don’t want to deal with cartridges that expire after only being used for several print jobs.

  20. tunis5000

    get a laser printer

  21. uirak

    uhmms more money and not so healthy for you lungs…. cuz if you get a laser printer, the area wur it stays. must be well ventilated… cuz of the toner powder. its very vvery bad for you lungs

  22. TheStoepsel27

    it is realy boring

  23. ehtep

    I thinking about buying a new printer but somthing tells me to stay right away from Hewlett Packard, Can I get some give me recomendation into what printers a Refill friendly, which dont have idiotic chip presets as posted in this vid?

  24. denoxis

    For Canon and Brother printers, there are cheap compatible cartridges on the market which does not “expire” or cause recognition problems. I’ve also tried refilling the ink cartridge for my Canon PIXMA it worked like a charm.

  25. denoxis

    Brother has cheap multifunction printers. With small footprint and available compatible cartridges sold at $5-$6 a piece (vs $20-$25 OEM) Look for one that uses LC-51 series cartridges.

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