Hack – HP Business InkJet 1100 Printer HACK Expired Cartridge Bypass_2010

download link File : spotmyupload.com I opened up my printer and fixed it/hacked it to do my bidding! HP has some ink that has a chip inside to tell your printer it can’t print without some new ink. So you get to either spend 120.00 for new ink or do this. Here is the work around for the date issue but it doesn’t always work. n the printer ini file (c:/windows/hpbj1100.ini) I made one change…. the following line DeviceIoControl error:=997 changed to DeviceIoControl error:=0000 —————————————- There is NO BATTERY in the HP1100 so the remove the battery will not fix the problem. You can backdate your computer and turn off the printer and then unplug it then start it up and it should work for you for a while. Supposedly ———————————– HP should be sued for this as it’s extortion and I never would have bought the stupid thing had I been told of this ( I was not ) the ink cartridge itself doesn’t even mention this it just as an expiration date. I will likely NEVER buy another HP product. I had a good size ink leak that may have caused a short on my board that senses the ink levels. So I was having more than just Ink Expired problems but this hack will fix that too. I only print B&W and only print once or twice a week. Not a heavy user. so HP! YOU SUCK!


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