H.P. Papercraft

Barry gets himself into a bind when he tries out a project he found on the internets. We created this short for an episode of Boing Boing tv. To check out the episode, which includes a behind the scenes look at For Tax Reasons go here: tv.boingboing.net


  1. MulcheArcade

    i’m clicking

  2. mexicomidget

    you guys in a suicide cult

  3. Vampgirly2k

    could also be the guy from FF9 he looked like a girl much more then a boy, Kuja look him up. And trust me with how Sephiroth dresses you can’t mistake him for a boy. Unless you happen to se man boobs there… then again he says zipper so i could b someone totally different, because neither of them have zippers. -shurg-

  4. Ellykahn

    Kingcom hearts is zipper-city

  5. Gam3rV1rus

    “what’s with all these zippers no person should hve this many zippers. i don’t care what fantasy it is.”

  6. yondaime167

    “Mark, is my son gonna kill himself?”

  7. LordKelvin93

    Greatest. Nerd. Cartoons. Ever.

  8. chosscody

    I sweae that’s exactly how I feel when ANY adult want’s me to explain tech to them… so hard to find adults that are smart… *sigh*

  9. holymadman42

    It comes down to the difference between intuitive intelligence, and intelligence based on knowledge. Children are much smarter when it comes to figuring out novel things, and this type of intelligence arguably peaks in the early twenties, and then begins a slow decline for the rest of your life. Trying to show my dad how to surf the web is exactly like this episode. On the other hand, our ability to use what we know intelligently will improve for almost our whole lives. Children learn way faster

  10. MulcheArcade

    that’s kind of depressing

  11. bowgamer

    no person should have this many zippers

  12. Firstsinner


  13. Antifile3

    I’m gonna get a hose. wet you down. cause your an idiot

  14. DragonZeara

    that was very awesome XD

    Best line:
    No person should have this many zippers XD

  15. Chitterz16

    The sad part is… I totaly want to fucking do that

  16. crubex

    The internet is Dead.

  17. NostalgiaFactor

    “Barry, You’re in a whole world of Shit.”
    I always laugh out loud whenever I hear that part.

  18. Eggman7890

    pretty funny

  19. JanusQuadrifrons

    The old man reminds me of my own father lol.

  20. aznpunk008

    What’s with these zippers. No one should have that many zippers, no mater what fantasy

  21. PlaidCupcakes

    I so would if I got the chance.

  22. TheBluestreak24

    What flash cartoon is this? I’ve never seen it before.

  23. Kukadin

    Looking at the title is a good start.

  24. cackn

    “No person should have this many zippers”

  25. seventhslayer

    this is awesome. XD

    needs to be on adultswim. srsly.

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