Get Connected – Tech Look – HP Fast Inkjet Printer

Episode 8 – Segment 2 Get Connected host Mike Agerbo reviews the HP K550 Office Jet Pro, an inkjet printer that runs cheaper than many laser printers.


  1. hallie352

    i have purchased this product works awesome. i bought it from a company called officetronics the first time who scammed me. sold me a refurbished one and told me it was new. officetronics is a scam. after being scammed by officetronics i went to tigerdirect and got it. works great no problems with the unit. i recommend it to anyone just watchout for a company called officetronics who sales products real cheap and passes them off as new when they are used and refurbished.

  2. Mylittleponey01

    i haved that printer and it goes really slow, but the picture quality is pretty good

  3. AnthonyDungmi

    y como lo reseteo
    por DIOS!!!!:(

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