Fix Jammed Paper Feeder on Canon Pixma MP-780 All-in-one Printer Repair Video repairs a Canon Pixma MP-780 All-in-one printer, scanner copier & fax when the top tray mechanism is jammed or stuck and won’t feed paper. I guess this is a common problem that needs fixing with these multifunction printers. Repair tools needed Long Phillips screwdriver and regular screwdriver for prying. After purchasing a screwdriver, uh, enlargement, we removed the screws and took off the side panels. Then we proceeded to disconnect the wiring and remove the scanner, control panel and upper housing, finally gaining better access and visibility to fix the jammed paper feed tray mechanism and stuck rollers. To perform the actual fix, we pry out the paper guide using a screwdriver and roll the rollers manually until they lock into position, putting the paper feed tray back in its original position atop the lifter cam. We don’t usually repair printers because the time versus replacement cost is rather high, but this is something that can be fixed in a home shop without too much trouble.


  1. kamikaze6900

    My printer canon pixma mp 780 does not advance the paper.
    It takes a sheet but it does not advance.

  2. artementy

    Hey… first of all, thanks for the video. I have used it to disassemble the printer, and tried to play with this white round wheel with tracks, and set up the grey plastic piece that is being attached to it.

    But got no success after all. I tried this three times. The “clear paper jam” error is still there. I believe there’s a kind of a switch that is stuck in wrong position.

    I got the printer from a used stuff store, it printed two pages for me and then turned on the “clear paper jam” light

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