Fast Draft Inkjet Printer

My new printer, printing faster in draft mode than some laser printers I’ve seen.


  1. BeefCaike


  2. J0nB0y2001

    So like, it’s freakishly fast for an Inkjet =P

  3. comp4nerd

    What was it printing? Like a photo or text?
    If text then what?

  4. J0nB0y2001

    The XP test page, chock full of text. It’s on fast draft mode but the quality of it hardly suffers at all. I use it all the time to save ink. =D

  5. Kbiscu1t

    Not really, mines about 2 times as fast. I got 4 cardridges.

  6. J0nB0y2001


  7. comp4nerd


  8. J0nB0y2001

    Depending on whats printing, 18-23.

  9. Aaronisyahoo

    at school the printer is sooo fast lol it prints a page of a lot of stuff in like, 1 seconds it goes whoosh!

  10. sio77nvd4

    Is ur printer a HP Deskjet D2300 Series?

    If yes, I have one of that

  11. aabsc

    I have the HP Officejet L7780, it’s 35 PPM, I have a video of it in my videos.

  12. buckamoona

    my hp does this really fast, shakes the desk, but screws up very often, end up wasitn paper

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