External INK TANKs for my printer. A plea to Manufacturers!

You know, most people give this old man credit for doing what I do. Most of you would not even tackle a project like this. I NEVER ever saw this kind of setup anywhere. Im not trying to patent it or sell it. I simply want Printer Manufacturers to lower the price of ink like KODAK did. And I did it also just to see if I could! Telling me someone else is making these is like telling Ford that someone else is making Cars! Come on folks, where is your ingenuity? This was an idea of mine that I …


  1. daredevillive

    I appreciate your effort though, It is nice of you to share this concept with other people. I would like to make one myself, cartridges were always overpriced. If there was more people like you and less naysayers a world would be a much nicer place.

  2. irulethe70s

    i have a color lase and it rints AMAZING pictures and i refill the toner

  3. NightFlyyer

    THanks kindly. I appreciate your comments.

  4. NightFlyyer

    It is common knowlege that Inkjet printers print the best pictures. I have a HP laser and it is expensive to change the cartrige and never printed as good as my Canon Printer. Be that as it may, the POINT is to make all cartridges cheaper. ya know!

  5. irulethe70s

    i hate paying 30.00 for my color/black

  6. irulethe70s

    i like my color lasers photo quality

  7. irulethe70s

    13.95 is a deal!

  8. riakomputer

    nich bottle

  9. coffeeandsugar20

    Human blood costs less than stupid ink? Oh my gosh!

  10. NightFlyyer

    Makes a person think,huh?

  11. kiltedanaconda

    I am totally in awe at your skill!!! I take my hat off to you, good design. I wish i half the ability of you in this stuff!!

  12. NightFlyyer

    Thanks very kindly. I appreciate that.

  13. NightFlyyer

    Thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate that. I just do, and if it works great, ya know?! LOL.

  14. 2tallbrandon

    the picture that you printed was that you holding the christian eagle model? we had a ce2 for a bit now we have an extra 300s

  15. iamcolorfinger

    Tried to PM you, Much appreciation for the CIS demo… Where did you source the pump? I’ve been trying to Google it all afternoon with no results.

    Thanks, Bob ?;O)

  16. iamcolorfinger

    Thanks for the video… Where did you source the pump? I can’t find anything like it via Google.


  17. NightFlyyer

    I made it myself from an old 1 way model airplane gas tank’s 1 way valve and a plastic tube with a hard foam plunger and spring. Not too sophisticated, but it seems to run pretty well even without the pump!? Any manufacturer could easily make a spiffy pump for sure and make it so it worked all the time, you know…

  18. NightFlyyer

    Sorry it take so long. Im looking at over 1260 pms and email notices from yt, so it takes lots of time. I answered you above.

  19. NightFlyyer

    Thanks. Yep, I love bipes but extra 300s are great performers.

  20. triangletrexx

    Its nothing new. Its called CIS=continious ink supply or CIF=continious ink flow. Big Plotter got this for years. Printer manufactures never will do this with small printers cause they earn a lot of money with expensive ink but cheap printer. Thats the trick, make the printer cheap and the ink expensive.

  21. triangletrexx

    good work at all 😉

  22. NightFlyyer


  23. NightFlyyer

    Well it was new to me and I made it work. This video and my handiwork was just so I could plea with the Manufacturers to make cheaper ink. I am proud I made my own.

  24. buckstarchaser

    This, my friend, is a masterpiece! And a beutifull one at that, right down to the strain releaving nipples. The only thing I see that bugs me is that the yellow one has more strain on it. I’m wondering though… How do you deal with air build up in the cartridges? Or is this a concept model?

  25. NightFlyyer

    Thanks kindly. Well, yes it is a concept model. The pressure seems to not bother anything, as it leaks off fast through the valve, but the siphoning keeps it working and no air bubbles ever has entered the lines. If so, they would rise to the top of the cartridge, I would guess. I am sure the manufacturers could easily incorporate a more precise system into their machines….if they wanted too. Thanks for the comments.

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