Epson Waste Ink

Fitting a waste ink system to a Epson ink jet printer.


  1. degsyl

    I have had this problem with my Epson R220 printer. I have resurrected it thanks to this small video so many thanks for your help

  2. DebenDave

    Glad to be of some help.

  3. ardbigyin

    really great idea

  4. ardbigyin

    have just done it on r220. with no problems . ticketyboo

  5. camilofdez

    Thank you great idea and you just help me to save $75.00 Dollards. I was looking to buy this product and now I can make it at home.
    thank you!!

  6. Lesliesp1

    I really want to try this on two Epsons (4600 &6600) The 4600 “appears” to have two tubes at the back. Is this likely to be an error due to the clips covering the continuaton?

  7. DebenDave

    Some printers have two waste pipes eg R800 and the R1800 just a case of merging them and feeding them into the waste bottle.

  8. Lesliesp1

    I did get the changeover done on the EPSON CX4600 with one minor glitch. The acquarium tubing connector was too large for the tubing coming from the printer. Luckily the silicone aquarium tubing slid over the tubing coming from the printer. I haven’t checked the 6400 yet but suspect I may run into the same thing.

  9. DebenDave

    Glad to hear you sorted it out.

  10. deckelpc

    SSC service utility resets the “counter” and fixes this problem, just watch though cause the waste ink may overflow!!!

  11. flyby2300

    Thank you many time – enlightening!

  12. DebenDave

    Have u watched the video becuase it tells you about the software and the ink.

  13. deckelpc

    aye i did after i posted 🙂 don’t fancy having a bottle of ink lying near my printer where it can easily/accidentally get knocked over destroying whatever it falls over!

  14. DebenDave

    You will see that the bootel can be fixed using velcro so there is no damager of the bottle falling over and much better than having it held within your printer.

  15. deckelpc

    I still don’t fancy a bottle of ink sitting anywhere where it can be knocked over, velco’d to the printer or not. Seeing as i`ve already had the printer for around 3 years anyway when it does eventually pack in, i`ll just go and buy a new one!

  16. Shareallicu

    I never knew this! What a messy waste of ink! I wonder how much mine is “filled” up in there

  17. fleetwoodsucks

    what a dick

  18. joeratti

    excellent video sir. probably one of the most useful things ive found on yourtube.

  19. DebenDave

    Glad to be of service.

  20. nlimnj

    Excellent video. But will the ink climb up the tube into the bottle? That is, shouldn’t the bottle be BELOW the level of the printer? Thanks

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