EPSON Stylus Pro 4880

How setup and configure the EPSON 4880 for ArTainium Inks / Sublimation. Does not include the PC / MAC configuration.


  1. freakystyley73

    have you got any vids of this in action? wondering what its like printing a a2 poster. thanks

  2. kanvic072808

    Please contact me @ Condé Systems Inc.

    I can answer all your questions on this printer. I am a technician for this printer. I am not in sales but my company does sell them.

    1-800-826-6332 ext#320

  3. FreeLook

    nice green watch xD!!!!!

  4. daviderally1

    a sentire la tua cazzo di voce ti fa venire voglia di prenderti a calci in culo stai zitta cazzo

  5. sparklerbombg

    i have a epson stylus nx125…when i scan it then print it itcomes out way to large….what do i do so i could just print in actual size?? nothing fancy just original size

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