Epson Stylus Photo PX710W Multifunction Printer Review

If you need a printer, that is fast and produces superb quality prints, then you need to check out this review of the Epson Stylus Photo PX710W Multifunction Printer. Oh, and I should also mention that it scans, copies and prints direct from memory card too. THIS IS A GEEKANOIDS GOLD AWARD PRODUCT! Manufacturer website: Sponsor: Check out more great reviews on my youtube Channel: Or on the website:


  1. partico

    Excellent review , ordered one from Amazon after watching this.

  2. fusima4you

    can it scan multiple images at once?

  3. davomrmac

    No, one at a time.


    Good review ! Convinced me got one on way ha-ha! It cost £149.99 from Amazon UK!

  5. E6ERB

    Superb review. As a result i went out and bought one 10 days ago. £150 PCworld

  6. nicenoughphil

    for anyone to answer can you have it set up so its possible to print from both ethernet and wireless at the same time as thats what im trying to acheive ?

  7. MinhonYT

    Oh no! I wish I chose this printer 2 weeks ago. I bought the SX415. Not sure if I could return it. Good review. You have earn a 5-star.

  8. MinhonYT

    I wish I chose this printer three weeks ago. My SX415 takes 4-15 minutes to print a photo on premium glossy A4 paper depending on.

  9. j3mcn

    Thanks for the review but what is the principal difference with the PX700W

  10. MrPCPAL

    Please note that before ejecting CD/DVD tray you should raise the control panel to it’s highest level (90 deg)

  11. Joldrath

    Excellent review, ty. It’s a buy.

  12. DimitriDas1

    Does it scan photos well?

  13. davomrmac

    Yes, pretty good. Not as good as the Canon MP640 on scans though (see my other review) or a dedicated scanner.

  14. DimitriDas1

    @davomrmac thank you for your fast response


  15. me1570

    you mentioned that the ink cartridges are £8 – is that for one individual one or the whole 6? would be a pain replacing each one as the levels in them fluctuate depending on what you are printing.

  16. davomrmac

    That price is for individual ones.

  17. me1570

    so £48 for a complete change.. i think thats very expensive?

  18. poutsogialos

    Nice review.
    I think i’ll buy it.

  19. 0RJM

    Great Review i decided to get this printer and it came today however when i print photos on photo paper they come out smudged as if the ink has not layed onto the paper properly. Although i choose the right type of paper on the computer before i print them, is there anything i’m doing wrong? any answers would be apreciated. (sorry for bad spelling)

  20. nickshatterford

    Nice review but the printer is useless with the BT Hub as it cannot cope with a dynamic IP address and BT will only give business users a static IP BT dont want to know nor do epson Im getting rid of mine

  21. gearfinger

    £174.43 in the UK just now on ebuyer
    $119.95 (£75.51) in the US from B&H

    Why do we constantly get ripped off in the UK, it fucks me right off!

  22. JoshJMcc

    Mine seems to work OK with the BT Hub, sometimes it doesn’t connect but a quick restart of the printer solves the problem. I can also connect to the card reader wirelessly.

  23. MrTruthtalking

    i stopped trusting epson after their 415 model

  24. laurelbush

    photos came out very smudged on epson premier photo paper, the ink then took hours to dry and looked like oil on water effect.

  25. laurelbush

    photos came out very smudged and dried with an oil on water effect,

    paper used was epson premier gloss photo.

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