Epson Stylus 740 Printer

This may very well be the last one left… it’s a 1999 Epson Stylus Color 740 inkjet printer. Due to my brilliant scheme of keeping these alive, it still prints like it did in 1999. Supports parallel, USB, and (drumroll)… Apple Serial!!! The key is to use cheap bulk ink from those drugstore refill kits; the ink is slightly thin when compared to the OEM ink that Epson charges an ounce for.


  1. hallie352

    i have purchased this product works awesome. i bought it from a company called officetronics the first time who scammed me. sold me a refurbished one and told me it was new. officetronics is a scam. after being scammed by officetronics i went to tigerdirect and got it. works great no problems with the unit. i recommend it to anyone just watchout for a company called officetronics who sales products real cheap and passes them off as new when they are used and refurbished.

  2. ashthepokemonmaster

    i got the Epson stylus color 440

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