Epson Printer vs Racing Car — Engineered for Speed

Can an Epson inkjet print a racetrack faster than a racecar can drive it? Watch the printer take on the might of the Ariel Atom racecar and find out which one comes out on top — printer or car? Is this one of the fastest printers in the world or will the car reign supreme.


  1. ZealotSeal

    I can write whole nation faster than a jet plane in a downscale.

  2. Sichers

    Cool idea, but terribly done. One who knows how fast the guy was driving? It didn’t look like he was actually going that fast. Two, you added weight to the car having the bracket for the printer in the car, the printer itself, and all that camera equipment in the car as well. The only part that I actually enjoyed was seeing the Ariel Atom being used, but it didn’t look like the guy driving knew what do to with it =P No Epson printers for me!

  3. NitroReviews


  4. logitekg25

    loved the slow mo takeoff.

  5. Nimbukta

    Hmm, so which cost more, fueling the car for 1 lap or printing for 1 lap?

  6. Emulani

    @ramzendo the signal to print all the pages was send to the printer at the moment the car started
    there was no active wifi transmission signal while the vehicle was moving

  7. TheSaxby

    Well, this wasn’t a huge waste of paper or anything. Nope, completely necessary.

  8. treeware

    Epson printers have always kicked ass. Been using them since about 1994 and no other brand compares to the print quality. Just sayin’…

  9. piggy501

    Very well Epson, but I won’t finish printing with an adrenaline rush thinking, “Wow, that was extreme. Let’s try and do it faster.”

  10. BADtimmay

    That was stupid. That litteraly said NOTHING about the printer, except that i seems to have wifi…

  11. llsaurb44

    the stig would’ve won as easy as hell,,, haa stupid commercial

  12. TwistedKestrel

    This is silly.

  13. catchermag


  14. haylcon

    Some of you people are missing the point….it’s quirky, it’s meant to show that speed is an important aspect of buying a printer for some people, and it’s using a racing analogy(which by the way is more important in the UK than in the US), to do it.

  15. icntspl

    lol that was awesome

  16. DanFrederiksen

    at least the printer is electric..

  17. derschwarzenadler

    A lot of unimaginative losers posting on this wall.

    Maybe all advertising should just be a guy standing still talking about a product.

  18. GeoPics

    The sad thing is, if this had been a segment on Myth Busters, for example, it would’ve been pretty cool.
    The fact that it’s an ad just makes it suck.

  19. dennisepi

    right right..imagine the paper cuts you would get with this..its probably safer to text while driving than print while driving xD

  20. dennisepi

    right right..imagine the paper cuts you would get with this..its probably safer to text while driving than print while driving xD

  21. chan625

    Stupidity but yet enjoyable

  22. ilpera3

    Ma che figata!

  23. CagleRacing

    I request a rematch with The Stig driving.

  24. denoise

    I can’t stop wondering how some publicist can sell so many bad ideas to their clients (like this one).

  25. toastboy70

    That advertising worked a treat. I want one. Off now to search for “Ariel Atom”…


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