Epson Printer vs Racing Car – Engineered for Speed

Can an Epson inkjet print a racetrack faster than a racecar can drive it? Watch the printer take on the might of the Ariel Atom racecar and find out which one comes out on top — printer or car? Is this one of the fastest printers in the world or will the car reign supreme…


  1. atxpower

    WOW but i think this world have to get more time for him. be slow !!!

  2. TomBonam

    ma almeno era carta reciclata?

  3. DevinWiles

    But which runs out of fuel first…. I’m guessing the next lap, the printer would have been out of ink.

  4. adeator

    Идея – выше всяких похвал!

  5. wigzisonfire

    the inkjet only won ‘cos it kept throwing pages of paper into the drivers face. EPIC FAIL

  6. glumm22

    Supberb, can I try this at Silverstone in my Golf?

  7. hiptech

    1 minute ago

    LOL, this very funny… and wrong on so many levels.

    First, we don’t know anything about the car; weight, engine specs, top speed, track speed, temperature, humidity, etc.

    Next, what about the printer, how do we know a competing printer couldn’t do it as quick or faster?

    BTW, let’s not discuss print quality or cost for inkjet refills. Maybe a better comparison should be between the cost of an ounce of racing fuel versus an ounce of ink. Anyone care to guess which is more?

  8. NeilsMovies

    We’ve all got Google, and a pair of eyes.
    Car is an Ariel Atom 3 300 (Supercharged).
    300bhp, 470kg.
    Top speed approx 150mph. 0-60 in under 3 seconds.
    The crew are wearing caps and boiler-suits with the words ‘World’s Fastest Inkjet’ printed on them.
    It’s a TV ad, made for fun, to back up Epson’s claim to producing the World’s Fastest Inkjet printer, which they do.

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