Epson ink jet printer refill system, no clog, no leak out by UFOSYSTEM . NET

UFOSYSTEM High Definition ClearView ink has archival qualities (last 3 times more than other ink), is smudge resistant and waterproof on waterproof paper! These inks are the latest technology and 100% guaranteed to perform and last longer than your original manufacturer’s ink! 100ml/bottle…


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    How to save money on Epson ink jet printer cartridges.
    I bought the UFOSYSTEM refill ink cartridge for my R280 which we use it to print wedding DVDs and flyers for real estate agents. I’ve been using a lot of different Epson refill solutions and to be honest, quite upset about it. In our business, cost down is really the key since the market went south since last year, ever penny counts. Our major costs in the wedding video business are: hard drive storage, tape and ink.

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    I will give you guys good storage solutions later on. Believe or not, this refill ink cartridge solution save us money and it is not messy at all. Unlike the CIS, bulk ink system, after market ink cartridges, OEM re-manufactured Epson ink cartridges or any type of Epson ink cartrid; this Epson refill system does save time and money.

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    I don’t mean by pennies, I mean a good chunk of money. The ink cost from Epson is around 15.95 for a 12 ml and with this solution, it is 100ml for 7.95. The quality is good, no smear not missing dots and so far, no clog at all.

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    I was so excited that I know I am going to save few hundreds of dollars if they have Epson R3800 refill system, so I call UFOSYSTEM to see if they have solution for Epson R3800 or do they have any plan to make one. They said they have the CIS system for R3800 and the the first batch of the refill type will arrive in a few weeks. The Epson R3800 is the best printer in wide format and we mainly using it for wedding photo print outs.

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    The R3800 does a great job and you gotta have it to know how good it is. You will be able to sell a bit more or provide more pictures to your clients by dropping the ink cost. This will help me to gain more business or to provide more service and to drop down the ink cost.

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    Trust me, the cost of the ink is much more than the gas price last year. For anyone who dare not to try this solution or had bad experience of cheaply China made Epson bulk ink, CIS ink or refill type ink cartridges, Go to Amazon, and buy one, get the system from UFOSYSTEM and do not use the Epson original ink cartridge that comes with box. Try it out, and you will like it, then sell the Epson original ink cartridges on ebay.

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    Epson RX595 Refill Ink Yellow, Epson RX680 Refill Ink Yellow, Epson R280 Refill Ink, Light Cyan, Epson RX580 Refill Ink Light Cyan, Epson RX595 Refill Ink Light Cyan,
    Epson RX680 Refill Ink Light Cyan, Epson R280 Refill Ink Light Magenta, Epson RX580 Refill Ink Light Magenta, Epson RX595 Refill Ink Light Magenta, Epson RX680 Refill Ink Light Magenta

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