Epson Ink Cartridge Empty?

A full syringe of ink is pulled out of a cartridge that is supposedly empty. Is this a scam or what?


  1. cpuk1979

    Not that amazing really, the residual ink is there to stop your printhead running dry and the amount remaining will depend on the atmospheric conditions of where it is/was stored.

  2. piratetelecast

    You would think that companies would make more efficient ink cartridges.

  3. slaterking1000

    Thats epson’s con

  4. killeryoshi888

    where the hell
    u got a shot from

  5. LifterOn

    I’m going to file a class action lawsuit against Epson for consumer rip off. My 6 ink cartridges were 80% full. It automatically artificially lowers the ink levels over time and then forces you to buy more!

  6. LargePizzaDelivery

    yeah, i use a chip resetter, it resets the intelledge chop on the back of the cartrige, easy to use, about 10 bucks on ebay

  7. jeffdaharper

    This has already been done and Epson lost and reduced the price of their cartridges accordingly.

  8. CLiDED

    Yep, stops 80% of the cartridges’ ink from being used.

    Listen to yourself, quit defending Epson. Epson is a pathetic company.

  9. show555

    same happened to me! I use them for a 5 pages printings in two month and they are empty. I opened for curiosity and find out that was 80% full of ink.

  10. lukyrUshY

    hell yeah your all right! Epson is full on fraud!

  11. gwerith

    I work at an ink refill place, and the “empty” message is displayed after a pre-set number of pages has been printed. It’s just a guide. They hold 12-15 CCs full.

  12. gwerith

    actualy that is true. It rarely happens that it’s 80% full. If you want to avoid the trouble, get an HP printer, the 74/75 is much better cartridge.

  13. ninodatmexican

    the hp deskjet f4140 is better ink refill 25 2 cartriges black , color i own epson cx 740060 bucks on ink 4 cartriges what a bitch !!!!!!!

  14. CacoFFF

    It happened to me, after printing the first page, i had 50%!!, after the second page, 30%.
    Seriously WTF? my black catridge barely made it to 15 pages, after buying a third party one (6 times cheaper than original ones), i have printed over 50 pages and still counting.

  15. macnfs87

    Why epson do this kind of things ??? crazy……..if the reason of profit needed ….there is no need to waste the ink…..
    1. Polution
    2.Economic issues
    3.Consumer need to to buy a new one.

  16. brucewestmk2


  17. Shareallicu

    GREAT! I noticed this too! I just spent $50 getting new ink and I really want to know how to refill/reset the CX7400 Cartridges!

  18. triadwarfare

    Actually I hate HP cause of their overexpensive ink. Imagine paying Php700/$14 for the black and Php 900/$18 for the color (convertion in my country). I had an HP printer and it lasted for 5 years before it became unstable… It was very hard to keep it on printing mode…

    I’d decided to get the lesser “evil” by buying Epson TX100. But I accidentally depleted my ink’s reserves by clicking “stop” for more than 3 seconds.. I never realized what it was until I read the manual.Continuous ink 4 me

  19. triadwarfare

    The chip that is stored on the cartridge stores an estimate on how much the ink is used up… HP, Epson, Canon, and many modern printers have this feature.

    Cartridges have chips that stores an internal value. The value is subtracted by a fixed value depending on the task. Approximation is usually greater that the actual to prevent “running out of ink before the computer says so”

  20. triadwarfare

    Unlike HP and Canon, Epson considers the estimate accurate. It is made to prevent printing after refilling an empty cartridge. However, the “unintended” side-effect is that the printer may not utilize all the ink remaining inside the cartridge.

    The best thing you can do is get an Epson Ink Resetter. I believe it’s available on shops that encourages self-refilling. Good luck finding one. Normally they do the refilling for you.

  21. TehMG

    I don’t know about their newer laser printers, but my somewhat older Brother laser printer actually has an optical sensor that detects when the toner is low in the cartridge. No chips, no BS.

    Unfortunately I’ve heard that some newer laser printers from Samsung and a few other manufacturers do have chips on their toners.

    I have stocked up on a couple replacement drums (pretty cheap off eBay) so I can just keep refilling my Brother printer again and again and again.

  22. slitheen

    Check out the company named ‘Inkrite’. They have a system to get over the Epson copyright infringements that involves a cradle and tank system. First you buy a set of carts (with both ‘cradles’ and ‘tanks’), and after that you just buy the tanks. But because Inkrite tanks have 15ml per tank, and Epson printers work on the 7ml per cart standard, when a cart is ’empty’ you simply pull out the whole cart and replace it to get the remaining 8ml in the Inkrite tanks. The ink itself is excellent too!

  23. slaterking1000

    Epson for you, ripping you off, someone should sue them.

  24. gfyhdhbyhgj

    No matter how many ink inside the cartridge, the chip is not a ink o meter, just calculate how many ink have inside. The solution is reset the chip via special software… Nah, better get HP or Cannon 😀

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