Easy Way To Save MONEY When Buying INK For Your Printer

so using my printer type ink as an example (HP 02) heres a sum of how much i spend HP 02 Value Pack .52 Yields 150 Photos – Each Buying Them Separetly: Magenta – 13.60 Pink 13.60 Blue – 13.60 Light Blue – 13.60 Yellow – 13.60 Black – 26.99 Total 94.99 (but ur not gonna buy them all at once, u buy them when u run out of one) Yields 500 photos – EACH Black Yields 660 Pages EACH


  1. naterade21

    my printer uses two cartriges color and black i need some black ink

  2. randomrazr

    haha well time to buy some black ink!

    im sure u can get them ina value pack (both color and black) but u should compare to see how many pages both packs print.

    what type of printer do u use?

  3. naterade21

    epson stylus photo 875dc

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