DTG Large Format Digital Direct to Garment Printer “Bullet”

See DTG’s Large Format Digital Direct To Garment Inkjet Print in action printing 8 shirts in one run, carpet, & large towels. This printer can print ultra high quality direct to garment prints on both light and dark shirts. Greater capacity and flexibility! Prints on products up to 24″ x 60″ and 14″ thick. High volume production and easily the most simple to use wide format printer with flexibility that can not be matched! The BULLET prints 4 large or 8 standard shirts in one pass with …


  1. RhineStoneTshirts

    DTG Direct To Garment “Bullet” Rocks. Printing 8 Shirts at a time would be Awesome!! My DTG Kiosk only prints one Tshirt at a time, but I am very happy with it!
    Mr. RhineStone Tshirt’s

  2. edipos20

    how much is the price for this machine

  3. MrDTGInkJetPrinter

    The Small DTG’s start around $9995 in the USA, and the big DTG’s like this are about 40k

  4. bojajobojajo

    How much is the DTG Bullet?
    Where can I find a good pre-owned? Does it come with a operating software and design?

  5. OfficialODWM

    Not bad if you have $15,000 to $20,000 laying around.

  6. dregom05

    Contact me if you know where i can get one

  7. inlandgroup

    Give details for the machine and software with all technical knowhows. Plz I wanna have one…

  8. Sharkweek2122

    how is dtg still in business?? check the BBB on these people, they have an F.


    any one please tell me , I want to know what the best T-shirts printers in the whole world and do not get all my colors??

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