DTG Direct To Garment InkJet Printer

Overview DTG Direct To Garment InkJet Printer To learn more visit www.swfeast.com


  1. RhineStoneTshirts

    My DTG Direct To Garment Printer prints the Softest prints I have EVER felt on a tshirt & they Wash Great.
    Mr. RhineStone Tshirt’s

  2. GoPhillies73

    DO NOT PURCHASE A T-Jet Printer!!! Investigate other companies. US Screen is NOT a good company to work with. There are many, many customers with overwhelming problems. Trust me and STAY AWAY from any T-Jet printer. We wasted $30,000 on this piece of junk.

  3. MrDTGInkJetPrinter

    The Printer in this video is Not a T-jet & has no affiliation with US Screen. DTG is actually the Brand of this printer.

  4. tshirtsink

    Great Machines! We have one for sale if anyone is interested.

  5. mexer

    TO bad dtg inks dont hold as good as silkscreen inks! my shirts faded out quick so did all my unhappy customers!! stay away from the T-jet 3 its a headache!! fuck scott fresner too!


    any one please tell me , I want to know what the best T-shirts printers in the whole world and do not get all my colors??

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