DIY – Make custom printed T shirts – Inkjet Iron on Transfer

Dark T shirt Transfer Paper – Make custom T-Shirts at Make Tshirts in minutes with our T shirt heat transfer material. Print the iron on transfer in an inkjet printer, cut the excess material, iron on the shirt, and peel away the liner. DIY Dark Iron-on T shirt transfer paper.


  1. THJumbie

    If the design wasn’t with a white background, like yours, would you have a rectangle shaped white box/border around the colored design?? Please reply. Great video! Just what I was looking for 🙂

  2. itzsallad

    so can you do pictures without colored backgrounds?

  3. khatzymisao

    how long will the transfer design works in how many days or weeks?

  4. onlinelabels

    The transfer material if applied properly should last for months, depending on how many times you wash it. To make the transfer last longer we suggest that you wash your shirt inside out.


  5. xiahnsaya1004

    what type of ink is good for it?

  6. puppylover4ever

    What happens if you use a light iron on transfer (avery) on a black t-shirt?

  7. Shaggyweed

    this is retarded

  8. tigerbody1

    how do I stop the black from running?

  9. bougouXXX

    what type of paper are you printing on?

  10. ScorchinBeats

    Hell yes. Now I can make that “That’s right, I’m doin your mom” shirt I always wanted.

  11. onlinelabels

    Go to printer properties and change the quality of print to a lesser quality. Doing this will reduce the flow of ink.

  12. onlinelabels

    It will be hard to see dark colors because the transfer is clear. The dark letters or design will blend into the dark shirt.

  13. onlinelabels

    Standard OEM ink.

  14. valetdabess

    mine says you can only use ink jet printer. is there any transfer paper that you can use a lazer printer

  15. YoshiAngemon

    All I need is some Transfer Paper, some parchment paper, and a printer that has a clean inkjet (and some fresh color ink). I could put an epic screengrab from Power Rangers onto it!

  16. superste53

    i dont get how the white parts work
    printers dont print white ink so how do the white bits become transfered

    basically i want to print a band name onto a black t-shirt and its just white letters, how would i do that with this?

  17. PizzleDhaKid

    does it matter wat program u use to print the image to the paper

  18. HonorsBandRules

    How do you print white letters?
    Plz reply

  19. ilovejustinbieb1999

    i have a question…

  20. DJNN123

    do u have to do a label?

  21. LoUSeLOusE

    Transfer paper sucks

  22. EmYeuAnhLinh

    where can i buy transfer paper?

  23. onlinelabels

    @EmYeuAnhLinh you can purchase transfer paper on our website OnlineLabels com

  24. onlinelabels

    @PizzleDhaKid You can use any program you want to, but I suggest using our Maestro Label Designer because we have the templates preconfigured.

  25. Crowflux

    Printing it in the middle? What a waste of paper.

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