CX8400 continuous ink system installation manual

CX8400 continuous ink system installation manual


  1. V1cDaD1c

    where can i find that bulk kit you have connected. I have the same printer, and am looking for that same kit. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you… Vic.


    I purchase this bulk ink system from ebay. The seller ebay user ID is inkexpress4u. The system works great with my printer. The color of the ink looks just like the OEM ink. I am very happy with this system.

  3. kiotikid

    What CIS did you use to do the demo? Considering going this route with my CX8400. Is this the same CIS that is sold by Supersmart Electronics, & SuperJetUSA Store, also on eBay?? Thank you very much! Very nicely done!

  4. bouncy1920

    I would stay away from superjetusa. Customer service is lacking, and instructions are horrible.

  5. zeldazackman

    what instuctions?
    oh so that paper that had piglatin translated into unqkic was the instructins.
    btw unqkic was a nomatic tribe in central china

  6. jangofet125

    how do you insall it with plug and play

  7. pauloasis

    I agree for price and quality and customer servise Inkexpress 4u is second to none.

  8. nepmusica

    escuse me i lost the installation cd can you tell me how can i do to it works

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