Continuous Ink System For HP Photosmart Touchsmart.

Continuous Ink Supply System for HP Photosmart TouchSmart Web All In One HP 564 Cartridges System comes prefilled with our HD UV photo quality ink. Photo instructions will help guide you through setup. The ink system is placed outside of the printer, only the cartridges that come with it will go in your printer. When the ink supply bottles run low on ink just add more ink its that simple. Our Continuous Ink System allows photo labs, design firms, offices, schools, and home users to keep printing without worrying about the high cost of ink and without having to ever buy another cartridge again! Suitable for printing high resolution photographs, fine art, calendars, stickers, t-shirts, brochures, flyers, paperwork, business cards and more! Our ink systems come complete with easy-to-follow instructions and are pre-filled with True Color High Definition Ink. Included with all our systems are the accessories needed to successfully use the system. Simple and easy to install, Save hundreds of dollars!


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