Continuous Ink Flow Supply System HP D2460

CISS for HP Inkjet Printers. Supports HP 2360, 2460 and HP inkjet with cartridge number 21 and 22


  1. rjanchief

    pare, kaya nyo b sa 1180C na HP? oil based b ung ink?

  2. ostrichbeau

    Hi there, I had my HP D2360 fitted with CISS pero mali ang pagkabit ng tubes kaya na-stress yung belt at natanggal sa carriage. Kung bumabangga yung tubes sa sides ng printer, after 3-4 months of stress, bibigay yung belt at masisira yung alignment ng carriage. I hope that info can help you eliminate that possible breakage ng printer.

  3. 24885657984525

    what software did you used for printing pictures?

  4. bheibhie14

    what was that?

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