Continuous Ink Feed System

Quick video showing the continuous ink feed system for my printer, an Epson 1280. These things are great and cut ink costs down to FIVE PERCENT of what you’d usually pay, even if you’re doing your own refills. If you do a lot of printing DO see if you can get this system for your model. And don’t ask me! Google ya yutz!


  1. desiree816

    It sure looks impressive but also very messy and space consuming. What happens when one of the little hoses gets clogged, or God forbid, breaks or gets pulled out of the connection. Don’t mean to rain on your parade. I buy my ink at spot4ink dot com. High quality low low prices with no shipping charge ever and a clean uncluttered desk to boot. Recycling too in a way.
    Also recyling in a way.

  2. DaTomicat

    Why would the hose get clogged? Why would it get pulled out? As for spot4ink um, cartridges? The reason for this setup is to never have to deal with cartridges ever again! I just covered an entire wall with 11×17 poster-board prints of an huge fractal. That’s what buying your ink in 100 ml bottles means! I’ve reset the chip four times and my ink bottles are down by 10%. How much would that have cost with cartridge refills?

  3. desiree816

    Different strokes for different folks. I don’t print all that much, so for me it is just more convenient to have my cartridges arrive and I install them and presto! I am not very mechanically inclined, and somewhat in awe of what appears to be complicated stuff. You print large posters and are happy with the CIS and that’s the important thing for you. Sorry if I offended you.

  4. DaTomicat

    Not a problem. It is for large volume printing for sure. I’m a photographer so cranking out lots of cheap (read inexpensive) prints is critical for me. It really is quite a simple system to install though. If you know anyone who does high-volume printing definitely have em take a look at it.

  5. InkRepublic

    Art Dehls,

    Thanks for the video and feedbacks. We will post your setup and InkRepublic 1280 CIS on our testimonial pages.
    Thank you,

    InkRepublic Team

    P.S. This video shows our 1280 ink system:

  6. tubeematic

    Im not sure if youd know but what do you think about the canon CIS systems on ebay for like $60?
    Do you have any experience with ebay CIS systems?

  7. Fatch1987

    I tried this solution and I only can say that it is a disaster. Really bad quality ink and printed photos. Don’t believe it’s the best way to print.

  8. DaTomicat

    What kind of paper are you using? I do high volumes of photographic prints and am very picky when it comes to quality. I wouldn’t consider shipping an inferior product to my customers. It’s almost always in the paper. Is your problem that the ink beads and runs? If so, that’s the paper’s fault.

  9. tubeematic


  10. tubeematic

    Which kind did you get?

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