Computers Programs & Accessories : How to Replace Ink Cartridges on a Canon Printer

Replacing ink for a Canon computer printer is done by opening the lid and pulling up on the leg, which then allows the cartridge to be pulled out. Exchange old ink cartridges on a Canon printer with a new one using help from an IT professional in this free video on computer accessories.Expert: Eric White Bio: Eric White has more than 10 years experience in technical support, call center management, Windows system administration, Unix system administration and help desk management and desktop …


  1. Y4Ygeneration

    Hi, how about the sensors?
    any help…

  2. uperbenji11

    cheers pal 🙂

  3. whothef

    I want to kill whoever invented these printers. It is absolute hell to get the ink cartridges into these printers. I finally got mine in, after trying for 45 minutes…

  4. Merkataratapusatat

    You’re my hero Eric

  5. m5j10

    dude thank you very freakin much dude your a life saver dude thanxz alot

  6. revosuicide86

    you say insert the cartridge directly into the slots.. easy for you to say haha!! i got the exact right cartridge but the god damn fucking thing wont fit in there at all..

  7. amirasy14142915

    how about im canon pixam 1980????

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