Computer Tech Support and Repair

for branded computers like Microsoft, Dell, HP etc. iYogi provide quick tech support on 1-800-237-3901 for your infected pc with a virus, computer repair or computer optimization at 24/7 by Microsoft certified specialist. … “computer repair” “tech support” “technical support” “computer support” “Microsoft support” “windows support” “virus protection” “hp support” “dell support” “spyware removal” “Adware removal” “hp help” “hp technical support” “computer optimization” “virus removal” ” …


  1. computerdoctor16

    for all you people who want to know their computer come to my channel when i get it open and running

  2. smithtqs

    wow i feel so good about this company from watching this stuff. iyogi – able to good remote services.

  3. calebmason6

    If you continue to provide nice customer service, that may be next renewl .

  4. neerajsbg

    this videos is the best!! i want more!!

  5. FreeComputerSupport

    Need Technical Support?
    Get FREE computer help by emailing us with your problem at our address located on my profile. Email account is used by 9 qualified technicians 24/7. We will try to respond to your email within 2 working days.

  6. jhnhrr3

    Good video for a basic understanding of computers !!! Excellent Quality !!!

  7. tblair4

    iyogi tech just used this to fix my computer was pretty cool.

  8. jhnherry7

    I was jus on tech support 10 mins ago and it’s so similar to this —– video.

  9. MsJosh18

    All that work and it still sucked. And you credited it?? Well done video

  10. Robertlondonful

    Can you please tell me how to contact iYogi tech person ????????

  11. katherinekevin1

    Tech Support the Star Wars way. After all, the empire has its share of end-users also.

  12. idestiny100

    old video – just to show it to frends ?

  13. jordanbrooke89

    The support guy deserves a bonus for dealing with that. Beuatiful.

  14. quincydavid659

    watch this vid /watch?v=cmpaAoY3SQc

    XD I luff it.. :DD

  15. landonalexandra

    Some people are just that stupid.
    Good job, apparently and they help me.

  16. austinavery8671

    coolllllllllll .

  17. allison79511

    i have norton antivirus, which cos me big bucks, will i still have it???? please help me! i subscribed and rated 5 stars!!!

  18. kingpen94

    i dont understand when ever i get on my online game i like to play my computer freezes! then closes my enternet browser! i tryed on both internet expolorer and fire fax please message me if you can help!!!!

  19. grandmahurliman

    i have a mac so I don’t need this iYogi.

  20. GKovshenin

    What’s up with the music..?

  21. thewebcastshow

    ok I need help I am getting a complete new motherboard for my Windows Vista. Asus Pk5 Pro. People are saying if you get a new motherboard you need to install windows again HELP!!!!

  22. ctenophor

    i can no longer go on the chat rooms, it says that my ip/tcp connection was broken by peer? any ideas? thanks guys!!!

  23. musashi1865

    wtf i thought u can just use your old hardrive but idk google it

  24. ManityDude

    hi can anyone help me, i recently bought a pc with the spec saying it was supposed to have 250gb of memory when it only appears to have about 50. does anyone know why this is or how i can get the rest of the memory back ?

  25. disk546

    hey can anyone help me my computer has been frezing up and the only way to fix it is by unpluging it.

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