CISS installation on EPSON Photo 1400

Shop: Info: Forum: This video shows how to install Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) on your EPSON Photo 1400


  1. I0nLight

    Really cool printer for printing photos!!!

  2. fretduster03

    does 1400 accept pigment ink or no?


  3. refillmaster


    Yes it does. I will get an Epson 1400 soon and will install an Inkrepublic CISS-system with the latest IRK4-nano pigment inks. Dye ink will sooner or later fade away by sun light (UV) and air pollutants (ozone, nitrogene monoxide etc.). There are some dye inks which are quite resistant against fading (due to UV blockers), but pigment inks still rule supreme.

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