manual video details installation see it carefully for success using ciss for HP PRINTERS


  1. xytras

    can it be use for HP 970Cxi?

  2. junardi

    it is different cartridges with the video shows, you are using older cartridges series. your cartridges series is HP45 & 78 which is bigger and black color of the body. it is more complicated install CISS for your printer type.

  3. rsasidera

    i think in this video, you are using hp D2560 or HP 25 Series Printer. i would like to ask if is it possible to install ciss on INTRODUCTORY cartridge? whenever i refill my intoductory ink it always leak. i wonder if not introductory ink will not leak after full refill or ciss? pls answer…

  4. junardi

    dear rsasidera,
    you are right! introd cartrid are not recomended for ciss. the volume of the cartridges itself are very small! the head quality of introd cartrid are not good according to the economically reduce cost of products from HP as the manufacturer! better you buy the new regular cartridges first before the ciss installment! beware also that original supplies sometimes are not good according to the fake/refurbished/re-used cartrid coz by the illegal re-packaging of this products!

  5. rsasidera

    thanks for the answer, before im using a epson R230 with ciss, this printer make me sick so i decided to buy a HP D2560, i already tested this printer cause this is the 2nd time i bought same model, and im using it on a internet shop/cafe. my epson printer has 6 tanks of ink, i cut the other 2 to make a 4 tank and hoses. this video really make sense, hope it will work when i buy regular cart. anyway are you from the philippines? and on video, are you the one who made it?

  6. junardi

    i am not from phillihines. if you want to do so, you can rinse the EPSON ink first with warm water and fill the HP ink. good luck!

  7. rsasidera

    oh my, im using epson ink for my hp, they are same dye base ink, is that necessary? even color ink works well on hp…

  8. junardi

    you cannot use epson ink for canon nor otherwise! they have special formulation each of them,if not so, we can use universal ink but quality is worst!

  9. chrischoy9

    I used Brother in on HP ink cartridge. It somes error with the cartridge on the left/right

  10. tijojs

    Hi everyone, i am using D2560, if you going to make it CISS on a brand new cartridge, can the printer detected the ink level and if it is depleted after the installation? and for how many months will last the cartridge..? thanks,

  11. fotonphorces

    First question: No
    Second question: Depends on how much you print.

  12. fotonphorces

    Dear junardi,
    I have the same printer as you and I was wondering where you got the ciss kit.

  13. uniqueiSudoku

    i have finished it. but the ink doesn’t go into the cartridge, it’s stuck in the tube, what can i do? help me pls.

  14. junardi

    use syringe and suck the ink up and than press the pipe with rubber to avoid the ink back again into the tube, quickly install the L parts and rubber onto the cartridges and after that release the rubber which using to hold the ink back into the tube. have a try!

  15. uniqueiSudoku

    i got it. thx a lot~

  16. libra86930

    How do I install the cartridge? with ink filled inside it or is it okay if it’s half empty?

  17. ayotollah

    I install CISS on my HP C4580 but i have random problem occur randomly at times as follow

    1. Ink does not flow into the cartridge
    2. Ink is not properly print — sometimes missing color, and sometimes the color is darker than normal for example magenta turn to dark that almost resemble to purple.
    3. Print with big lines on the result

    What could be the problem and how to solve it? I need your expertise please help

  18. fenix0green

    how much paper do you print using the system? did you use all the ink in the system without refilling it to see how much paper? use a pack of paper as a guide. white copy paper comes in 500 sheets per pack.

  19. junardi

    half ink or full is Ok but please do not install ciss on empty cartridges because we have to keep the ink level and the vacuum of the carridges itself for the flow of the ink from bottle into pipe into cartridges, this is the most important in HP ciss.

  20. junardi

    this is happened because the vacuum of the cartridges did not happened! you should use another tools which can take out the air from the cartridges and keep the ink into the cartridges, please reffer to another video how to vacuum the HP cartridges first before ciss installment, thanks!

  21. junardi

    it will be depends on what look like those print out result! is it much blue? black? or else? i cannot figure out exactly how much papers will be print out from i set bottles ciss but usually it can achieve about 500 pages of print result. it depends on what color major in the print result so the level of the ink of each bottles will be not the same at all time…..thanks!

  22. junardi

    you can find it easily from the internet

  23. fenix0green

    thanks just looking for a number any number.

  24. ayotollah

    where can i see the video please show me i am glad you are helping and i appreciate it a lot

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