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Carrot Ink

Description: Carrot Ink is the premier direct marketer of money-saving printer supplies. Over the past 10 years, we’ve carved a niche in catering to savvy consumers who are “smart” with their money.

We also offer some great coupon offers and promotions that offer our customers outstanding value. Our site is unique – it is very easy to navigate – and takes you right to the products you need.

Our Review:

Quality of the product – Very High Quality for Generic Brand Ink
Quality and reliability of your customer service
– Have not needed to speak with customer service, orders have always been correct and on time.
Will the item arrive on time?
– 3 Days to arrive from date of order with normal ground shipping (Texas Based Company)… about 1,500 miles from their warehouse.
Will the product be as described or as appears on screen? Is it the right color or size? –
No Mistakes made on our orders; multiple orders made
Will it fit? Is this item true to size?
– Exactly the same as OEM
What if the product needs to be returned?
– Liberal Return Policy See Site
Is this site secure (privacy, credit card information)?
– Yes
Is this really the best price?
– We always link direct with special embedded coupon code to so you get the lowest prices at the time of your order. Multiple Shipping Methods available.  Carrot Ink is NOT the lowest price nor do they plan to be… but they are extremely consistent and we have never been disappointed by their products or service. They are the Honda Accord of the generic ink business.


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