Canon Printer Installation Problem – Ponzi bought a new printer… and her face turned blue!


  1. jmmons

    spammers are trash

  2. BeechSundowner

    .Gotta luv those BSOD’s!

  3. alwaysmc2

    I have a Canon printer. I can just plug it into any Vista machine and that computer will recognize it and even install the Canon drivers. I also plugged an old HP printer in and Vista got HP’s drivers. It didn’t even use Windows Update; Vista just had them on hand.

  4. alwaysmc2

    You know, that Apple symbol only appears on apple computers. To everyone else it just looks like a rectangle.

  5. alwaysmc2

    Oh, I thought this was Chris bashing on Vista again, but Ponzi was actually using XP according to the video in the reply.

  6. alwaysmc2

    How’d you do the bold?
    [b]hmm, I’ll try this.[/b]

  7. faisalm1991

    i had some blue screens while i was playing c&c generals on my old laptop hahaha. and also need for speed underground.

  8. meatloaf666999


  9. greenday052492

    ive gotten so many blue screens of death in windows vista its not even funny.. Mostly when i try to play certain games like call of duty 1, although call of duty 2 runs fine.

  10. scorpio209

    o am so luckey! i have only gotten 1 BSOD in the 2 years ive had this computer

  11. priceandpride


  12. slovenck456

    that was funny

  13. Nightmare200X

    lol read the blue screen of death lolz

  14. osxdude


  15. crazycrisco


  16. commieliberal

    get a mac. grey screens look prettier.

  17. dirtyzero1

    That was a funny video!

  18. constantyoutoober

    Lol!! I have a computer running XP that keeps getting the BSOD, and I don’t know what to do. Thankfully I have another computer running Vista, but I’d still like to be able to use my XP too.

  19. sonicfan7

    nah i like the blue ones 🙂

  20. cbader92


    Or what would Ponzi do without Chris…!

  21. thefsxflyer

    Hp software sucks! When you install it, you have to have your printer off to turn on your computer but if you don’t install the software you don’t have to have the printer off

  22. 1a2d3a4m34

    f**k you

  23. rsman980

    it must be 1 thing to fix it!

  24. Habbloxian

    I’m not a fanboy of Lexmark, it’s just that I had NO PROBLEMS on a Lexmark printer.

  25. NamelessNLS

    BSOD is a feature:

    for example: ATIVGA.sys in the message you will know that the ATi driver Sucks

    And NTFS.sys you will know your HDD or Partition Table Gone Shit. :D:D


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