Canon Printer CIS, CISS Inking System iP4700, iP4600

Buy this system here – Quickie installation video for Canon CI System – CLI-221, CLI-220 cartridges. This CI system will work with the Canon Pixma iP4700, and iP4600 inkjet printers. Stop buying ink cartridges, and get a CIS, CISS, Continuous Ink System today. Chips will auto reset when the printer thinks the ink is out.


  1. tinchodmc

    Hi, do you know how to reset de ink waste counter? Thanks.

  2. forinkandmore

    iP4600 waste ink reset:

    Do this first:
    1. hold RESUME then press & hold POWER
    2. release RESUME, then press it twice, the light should go amber then green again.
    3. you’re now in service mode (you can release POWER now)

    Now reset the waste ink counter:
    For reset waste tank reset is 4 presses of the RESUME button. To confirm, press POWER once.

  3. forinkandmore

    If the waste ink pad is actually full of ink, it might need replacing – otherwise ink can get all over components inside the printer and cause it not to function. This possibility is remote, however kits are sold to bypass the waste ink collection system to an external tank ($15-$20) or you can just buy a new waste ink pad.

    Personally, I would just skip replacing the pad. If the printer dies, so be it. Get another one – hardware is cheap, it’s the INK that will kill you.

  4. MiIesTailsPrower

    I have installed my CISS, but it keeps saying CANNOT RECOGNIZE CARTRIDGES. How can I fix this? I have reinstalled them multiple times, among other things. Any ideas? Thanks!

  5. forinkandmore

    Not all CI systems are created equally, so if you can’t get the chips on the cartridges to be recognized, I would contact the vendor. Our systems include auto resetting chips and this has not been an issue with our systems (that we have seen).

    If those chips are not making contact in the right spot on the printer, there is nothing you can do. I hate the fact all the printer manufacturers use chips to deter refilling and clones. Sneaky stuff – it really is an adversarial relationship.

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