Canon PIXMA MX860 Inkjet Printer

Get ready for the power you’ll need to bring your home office to the next level. The wireless Canon PIXMA MX860 Inkjet Printer lets you print from any room in your home and boasts incredible 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi with 1pl and a 5 individual ink tank system. The Canon PIXMA MX860 Inkjet Printer also has a built-in, fully integrated 35-sheet Auto Document Feeder means fast copying or scanning of your originals so you can tend to other tasks while the printer is at work. Its built-in …


  1. sudokukahn010

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    / \ Bob take over the world!

  2. VideoGuyNC

    Why don’t they just go ahead and make one of these clunkers that has to have different shades of Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, etc. Damn – six ink tanks. That’s too much.

  3. SuPKrew

    I think this is definitely meant for office people, not for home use, because i can see a home user spending alot of money for ink replacements..

  4. rservicex01

    complain on inks as I saw on this vid comment but you can refill the ink other than that this printer is awesome but why it take such a time when you order to print of a picture from the media card did this printer use a Pentinim2 Neo processor???

  5. JFACU23

    you are a fucking loser


    Still inkjet not laser.

  7. atlaschooty

    nice, only if it was laser..

  8. YukiLT

    Offices use laser ones..

  9. philipmayerINC

    great printer

    someone noticed that hair on the screen to?

  10. 0ologitechnewbieo0

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    / \ Can Take Over Youtube

  11. akelaristera

    who needs fax these days?

  12. Renton0

    Large corporations , People that own small businesses there is some stuff like paper work that can only be legit when signed so what if your business is in California and the customer is Florida, You can exchange .doc documents but you still have to get it and print it out

  13. djtheextremegamerpro

    Some PC Gamers Use Laser printer

  14. christianjayr7

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    This is Bob. Soon bob will take over youtube! spread this to 50 videos. It will soon be on the news. then you will know you helped spread Bob.

  15. g4tech

    where is the british guy who reviews all the printers

  16. JamboyStu

    Awesome printer for offices.

  17. JibblesTaint

    HP can suck my peepee

  18. Watching1

    I unno bout you guys but that hair was annoying the hell out of me…

  19. Y0kotaZ


  20. FAB12UCB

    what would happen if you faxed to a telephone

  21. aqueel82

    i dont know

  22. NYVonix115

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    / \

  23. smartwarlord

    fax machine would not read a telephone number it uses a specific number/code.

  24. smartwarlord

    he was fired long time ago.

  25. b98154

    This or Epson Work force 600? Inform me if there is any better multifunction printer under 180 USD. (I can buy Canon Pixma MX860 for 160 bucks).
    I really need help because I am buying new printer tomorrow. So, please reply 🙂

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