Canon Pixma MP640 All-in-one Printer Set-up Guide

The Canon Pixma MP640 is an all-in-one printer. In this video I show you how to perform the initial set-up (suitable for Windows & Mac users). Then I guide you through setting up over USB & ethernet on an Apple Mac running OS X Snow Leopard. Manufacturer website: Sponsor: Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: My other channels include: Or on the website:


  1. GhSpecialist

    Great setup video Dave! Look forward to the review 🙂

  2. COZAM007

    what is the price?

  3. JacobsMichiel

    The “Set-up Guide” idea is great!

  4. blaixx992

    Cool I have the MP620 and its Great.
    Cost about $150USD

  5. MrMachacker

    i have this printer

  6. Drpepper99uk


    Great video, I’d be interested to see what Mac colour management options there are in the printer driver itself so that you can create your own print profiles using various paper and ink choices.

  7. cosytoesUK

    Well done – perhaps the best product review I’ve come across. Inspired idea giving a walkthrough of the producct ‘from the box’. The problem you sorted out with the wireless function for instance, is something that I bet would otherwise have frustrated many of us less technically minded users.

    I think I’ll be getting this mfp.

  8. HP ink

    These all in ones really aren’t that complicated, all of the ones I have used have been a joy to setup and work with. Although one time I did drop it and it just stopped working, certainly not for DIYers.

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