Canon Pixma MP640 All-in-one Printer Review – part 2

Canon Pixma MP640 All-in-one Printer Review – part 2. About a month ago I published a video covering the initial setup and overview of the MP640. One month on and I bring you my full review, taking a look at the scanning and print quality. You can see part one of the video, the set-up guide here; Manufacturer: Sponsor: Check out more great reviews on my youtube Channel: You can also find tech & gadget news on: For reviews, opinion & news visit:


  1. GhSpecialist

    Excellent review once again Dave, really thinking about purchasing this printer after your set-up guide and review if it!

    The best tech reviewer on YouTube!

  2. Danny77uk

    Cannon printers are the best. Do you remember when apple used to make printers? They were awesome.

  3. HeadshotTeam

    epson px700w or canon mp640 ?? best printer

  4. davomrmac

    My choice of the two would be the MP640. Epson PX700W is very close though.

  5. HeadshotTeam

    @davomrmac I thinking about mp640 to but px700w have Claria whit 6 different colors and mp640 have only 5 colors. So why you pick up this mp640 ? 🙂
    Thank you

  6. davomrmac

    I got fed up with Epson not recognising my third party inks. Also the MP640 delivers nice crisp text. The build quality is superb. Photo output equal to the Epson. Paper handling slightly better.

  7. snajperSLO

    What’s the difference between the PX700W and 710W from Epson ? Don’t know what to buy Canon MP640, PX700W or PX710W. Need good picture quality, and CD/DVD printing, WiFi.

  8. byloukin

    Hi, between MP640 and MX860. I cant make a decision.

  9. lomlloyl

    Hi davomrmac…Could you tell me if this printer accept cardstock to print on? Also does the ink smudge or need time to dry before touching?
    Thanks for the vidoes…very helpful!

  10. davomrmac

    No to the card stock, and the ink is dry on output (or seems that way to me).

  11. qytrew85

    A little warning for users who want to buy this printer because of its (fast) duplex printing. If automatic duplex printing is enabled then the mp640 will print the text much lighter. Then black text will look more like dark grey, which is much less convenient to read.

  12. Pinnger

    I DONT GET IT – in manual is written: “scnner reolution 4800×4800” but in your wideo in CS3 available resolution is in range from 300 to 1200? so where is 4800?

  13. Pinnger

    seriously something is wrong with scanner… over 1 minute for [email protected] dpi? my old lexmark 3300 scans [email protected] in 37 seconds

  14. Pinnger

    DUPLEX in 710 – only

  15. qytrew85

    Here a color/BW scan in 300dpi only takes about 15 sec (I am only talking about scanning time, not including printing.)
    An exception is the first scan after you switch on the machine, because then the scanner need to warm up (I assume). I believe this warm up takes about 20 sec or so.

  16. Teenoi_PS

    Great review and the comments from people with other suggestions are all a wealth of information.

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