Canon PIXMA MP600

Canon PIXMA MP600, print dvd


  1. giltesa

    If you are special discs.
    Write in google images: “printable discs” to see how they are.
    They are not expensive.

  2. elvis459

    Thank you.

  3. YogiAndBooBooAndMe

    “coz”= because

  4. giltesa

    Thanks : )

  5. egoy0909

    what program r u using?

  6. giltesa

    To edit the image:
    Adobe Photoshop

    To print on your site:
    Nero Cover Designer
    or the program included with the printer


  7. FerhatSueyuen

    bloody hands^^

  8. therealkakkamakkara

    Talking is forbidden! So is using your dirty left hand! We can only guess where that’s been!? Thanks for the “demo”. I wondered if it had a paper tray or not and you got to it in the end! It’s a bulky bastard, but maybe that atleast motivates and saves some the space.

  9. Lazzybum

    Canon PIXMA MP600, is it an inkjet printer?

  10. giltesa


  11. crazyboy26k

    can you tell me if canon pixma 550 it’s campatible with windows 7
    or this one

  12. Appledude500

    can someone help me please? my modem and wireless router is in one room, but my laptop and wireless Canon MP620 printer is in other room and have a poor WiFi signal, if i want to print something from internet it prints slow and sometimes it don’t print at all Question: will connecting USB WiFi antenna to my laptop will fix that?

  13. giltesa

    This printer connects via USB, has no wifi or RJ45.
    I can not help you.

  14. marthadesandoval

    what is the pace that i need for print cd?

  15. marthadesandoval

    Hola: yo tengo la canon MP600, pero esa parte o pieza donde colocas el CD, no la tengo, es algo que se compra opcionl supongo, me podrias decir donde conseguirla? Gracias, me encantan tus videos.

  16. marthadesandoval

    Hi, I have the Canon MP600, but that part or piece where you put the CD, I have not, is something you buy opcionl guess, tell me where to get it? Thanks, I love your videos.

  17. giltesa

    It comes with the printer
    If you have lost, contact with Canon.

  18. giltesa

    Viene con la impresora
    Si la has perdido contacta con Canon.

  19. javi281000

    Bueno, no es q lo perdiera, simplemente que no esta en la caja con lo demas, vere como lo consigo, gracias!

  20. granqk

    Hi… can somebody tell me about the power cord? Is it
    A) a simple power cord (like for computer) or does it have
    B) a power adapter (like for laptops).

    If it has a power adapter, can you please tell me what input it can take: is it 100-240V or is it just 110V

  21. giltesa

    Connects to a standard power cable, the transformer is inside.
    Operates on 100-240v

  22. granqk

    Thanks very much.

  23. sijmenjan

    Here is somebody who has modded his Wii

  24. giltesa

    The truth is that I sold ^ _ ^ “

  25. robin0419ful


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