Canon Pixma MP210 Multifunctional Inkjet Printer Ready to print, copy and scan the fast and easy way? Now you can create a beautiful 4×6 borderless print in approximately 46sec, & even print photos from a digital camera without a computer! You’ll produce copies…


  1. 21Panzer21

    just bought it 😀 .. the quality is awesome … doesn’t compare to my old Canon s200x 😀 … just love it … just hope i don’t need to refill it :))becaus ei heard that there are many porblems

  2. Glitch2

    im about to buy this, just to be sure

    you can copy something without pc right ?

  3. eldante19

    hey how do u install the ink?!!! 🙁 i dont want to break it… but i’ve tried every think u could upload a vid or send me instructions please… thnx

  4. Nby21Blog

    sure… my new account is Nbys21Blog and i will post

  5. Nby21Blog


  6. Nby21Blog

    check my blog 😀

  7. Glitch2

    Haha , eledante

    I had the same problem, bet you didnt read the manuel

    on the left side there’s a bigger open space, thats where you slide the cartridge holder to and there is where you install the ink

  8. eldante19

    lol ty xD but i realized i had to turn on the printer to install the ink… i should have read the manual at first 😛 i know better now.

  9. Nby21Blog

    i had teh same problem too :)) … when i got it i went like WTF where do u put these? and atfer i swithced it on the printer the holder came into place

  10. DearNadia

    I watched you vid and I still can’t get it in. I am using pg30 fine cartridge black and pg31 color fine cartridge

  11. edwardcristi

    it s really good but it eats ink like a mosnster!!!!

  12. hallie352

    i have purchased this product works awesome. i bought it from a company called officetronics the first time who scammed me. sold me a refurbished one and told me it was new. officetronics is a scam. after being scammed by officetronics i went to tigerdirect and got it. works great no problems with the unit. i recommend it to anyone just watchout for a company called officetronics who sales products real cheap and passes them off as new when they are used and refurbished.

  13. G74

    Yes you can copy without a pc

  14. cowboyhell

    is it possible to copy without a pc with the canon mp 220?

  15. G74

    i don`t know.

  16. ozpunk2

    took me forever to put ink in first time. note when you think youve got them in …JUST PUSH THE INK CARTRIDGES UP…THATS ALL THAT GOT ME BEAT.
    u think there in right they are, just push them up ….voila.

  17. ttpad08

    i have that =]

  18. ApoCalypsis95

    guysn help me PLS!!!I cant scan without cardridge(((((WHY???? send me private message pls

  19. durdehack

    chip in the cartridge! When you refilled black or colour ink cartridge you will have error on this printer! like every MP210 so and my MP210! I’m still googling around to find solution how to RESET CARTRIGE!?…

  20. blackedd5

    Does anybody know where i can get a video like this for the Canon mp540 printer

  21. sobo069

    Lost the manual. … how do i scan to pc??

  22. iluvferrets95

    that happened 2 me! it says wait till it cliks in and i thought it did and i thought sumthin was wrong wit it til i decided 2 push them UP

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