Canon Pixma MP190 paper feeding jam

My new multifunctional printer hates me. Anyone know how to fix this? I’ve tried moving the paper guide all the way to the left, but it does not help. The paper is perfectly good and the setting is correct on the printer. It just does not feed the paper, and if it did, the paper would be garbled in the end.


  1. blumm1

    Same here. Perhaps my fix will help. Take a piece of cardboard like from the back of a legal pad of paper, and force it in through the rollers as far as it will go. Turn the printer off and on to get the rollers working and then pull out the cardboard. Since doing that it feeds the paper in correctly. Hope that works for you too!

  2. thiscouldntblowmore

    hahah, i too had the problem of “jamming paper”, on this same printer, managed to make it work once in a while, but not until i read your comment did i even check if there was something “extra” in my printer, and damn, found a rack of “screw terminal(s?)” in it, (electrical connector..) 😀 Guess, it will work just fine from now on. 😀

  3. blackpaerls

    Found a pencil in mine! Thank you for the video! I have the exact same problem, now trying to fit our hands down there to fetch it :X

  4. joegk19

    Haha, it’s amazing isn’t it. I thought I would have to trash the printer. All it was, was a damn pen. haha glad you got urs working too

  5. sexiaquarian

    Thank you so so much. The cardboard dislodged a quarter. This was my last try, I was getting ready to trash it.

  6. acinorev627

    heyy mine is on the right hand side and it says “paper jam” ): howd you get it to go back to the left side?

  7. acinorev627

    thank you so so much
    it worked for me just now
    even though sometimes it just messes up on its own, this helped out my problem alot
    i was so stuck..there was nothing in the printer and it said “paper jam” and there were wierd noises coming out. ): i was so worried

  8. tenshiemi

    Yet another printer fixed because of these comments! Found something stuck in mine 🙂 Thanks!

  9. dsdarf

    bingo cardboard trick worked first time=] awesome thanks man

  10. phooh003

    i turn mine on and it right away says paper jam. cant even scan. i already checked for obstructions, the card board trick, and oiled the rollers. its just not going. good thing i still got that one year warranty. hopefully they can fix or replace the broken part inside.

  11. 2011afa

    wow, the cardboard trick worked perfectly, glad I saw this thread or else I would have thrown my printer into the trashcan! thanks blumm1!

  12. HMSongbird2

    You’re a genius blumm… I was positive I was going to have to buy a new printer!

  13. armegedon2012

    ok option B less practical but worked for me unpluged everything picked it up held every thing closed except paper feed and shook it (NOT THE BEST METHOD COULD BRAKE PRINTER WARNING) stuff fell out

  14. unicef123

    THANKS. I was like wtf, then i turned it upside down and found a pen.

  15. budinski11

    Add me to your list of success stories. it totally fixed my printer. Thanks!

  16. clayfacemeemee

    OMG!!! thanks you all sooo much!! i have been trying to fix this damn printer for weeks cuz it wudn’t feed my paper! I just tipped it upside down n heard rattling…there was a screw in there!!! Thankyou all for your help!

  17. average220

    Sam exact model called support but warranty had expired since it was a measly 90 days. my paper tilts awkwardly to the left

  18. pinkoutloud

    thank you so much!! this totally worked! you are genius and have saved me from a huge headache!

  19. kbwent

    works! The the cardboard removed some pesky sticky tack that had wrapped around the rollers

  20. TheGreatestDownfall

    holy shit your amazing it worked like a charm 😉 +1 to you

  21. djsnizza

    I love you man! you made my day))))

  22. djsnizza

    I love you man! you made my day))))

  23. LindsayAllison1

    i flipped mine and nothing but my issue isnt the feeding it comes up withg error 3 goes halfway then stopped and pushes out the paper

  24. DC2K10

    wahahaha!! thanks! the cardboard trick worked for me! thanks a lot! I wonder how it fixed the jam problem. thanks again!

  25. mariogolbee

    Thanks for the cardboard tip. I got a ring!

  26. surfrgrrl

    OMG literally just made my day seeing this post.
    Fixed within seconds =]

  27. Melanie

    I was skeptical about the cardboard trick, but it worked! Thanks!

    • Lil

      What do you think?

      Thanks for the tip. Printer working like a dream now….turned printer on its side and out popped the lid of a pen!!! . . Note to self- when printer not in use remove the paper from the feeder and close the paper support.

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