Canon PIXMA iP4700 in action!

Cd print, Photo print and Auto Duplex print demonstration. (Europe printer version)


  1. MattTWLOHA

    Is this printer wireless?

  2. Aaron247911

    nice i lov wot u done for the avatar disk ive been looking for a relatively cheap cd/dvd printer and i may of just found it thx!

  3. nervouss

    This is an amazing printer! I love mine, especially when you buy the auto reset refillable and bulk ink, I spent about 100$ on this and I can print for a life time, problem is my US ver did not come with a Tray G so I can’t print cds yet, even though I changed it to a Euro Model, I’m disappointed I want to find out how I can get a tray g.

  4. Drludvig93

    Thanks man i couldent do that my self <3

  5. TheMapleguy4

    nice, you show all thay types of printing it does

  6. willisshooting

    Excellent way od seeing what it can do many thanks

  7. TaptheCrap

    Cool…..but what program did you use?

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