Canon PIXMA IP100 Photo Color Inkjet Printer

Today’s mobile professional has more pressure than ever to be able to conduct business almost anywhere. The rugged, compact ip100 Mobile Printer delivers remarkable quality and print-anywhere portability. It affords users the ability to print beautiful borderless color photos from the car or even at the beach. Its patented print head technology and 5-color ink system let you create spectacular photos with 9600 x 2400 color dpi resolution (max.) How fast? A photo lab quality 4″ x 6″ borderless print takes only about 50 seconds. It offers irda compatibility and an optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface, so you can print wirelessly from a PC, PDA or camera phone. Or, connect a digital camera and print photos direct—no PC required! An optional Canon car adapter and rechargeable battery kit provide power on the go. Plus, the Auto Image Fix feature corrects images for the best possible exposure, color, brightness and contrast.


  1. ADABUD659

    yay 1st

  2. talldude123

    Wow, that’s pretty high resolution prints, but however, I like the convenience of an all-in-one, and nothing beats HP’s price on inks.

  3. gravitygun123


  4. ilikedonuts9

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    hahaha GROW UP MAN !

  5. beanieboy007

    $249.99 for the printer

    $89.99 for the automobile power adapter. **I’d recommend just getting a power converter myself instead.

    ***I post this because they advertise w/o giving the prices of the items (even as an annotation).

    I don’t have data on the cartridges or the paper yet.

  6. surechoice

    First of all Nice!!!! wow I printer on the go
    Second how come he has so many pictures of babies.
    and Third why don’t they put him on the air full time. I hate the other stupid smart ass and yes he is one. An idiot who say ver very and really really ☺

  7. bloodjake12

    Yeah this guy is awesome, the other guy seems like he would be a dick in real life

  8. amadino13

    Cartridges are quite affordable ? Hmm, they also said that a 1000$ laptop is quite affordable. Does that mean that the cartridges are like 1 to 1000$ ?

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