canon iP 2600 printer unboxing and review

canon iP 2600 printer unboxing and review…. so i was at walmart buying pants and a came across this beauty


  1. peterpanysuspiratas

    is good or bad printer?

  2. nmrousseau2

    …its great 30 pages a minute (black and white) 17 (color)
    i print a lot for school, the ink is still 3/4 the way full

    – – tech.mac.pc

  3. Ruisenor73

    Can you help me to install the CARTRIDGES .Please!!!!!

  4. nmrousseau2

    i had trouble too, you have to plug the darn thing in first, then open the access door, the cartridge holders will move to the loading area

  5. Ruisenor73

    Thank you for your help,

  6. orangemonkey92

    Hey do you know how to replace the ink to this printer? when it slides all the way to the end how do you remove it? please Reply Thanks!!!

  7. nmrousseau2

    seem alot of people are having this issue, ill make a vid tomorrow as a response to this 🙂

  8. orangemonkey92

    Cool thanks =D

  9. iiHuSKeRzz

    I’m having problems installing my Canon iP2600 do you think you can post a video about how to install it….Can you install it to laptops…Dell

  10. nmrousseau2

    i could work that out, and yes it is hooked up to my laptop

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