Brother MFC665CW Wireless Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax…

Prices subject to change. Please visit or call 1-800-284-3100 for the current selling price. Become a productivity wizard with this Wireless All-In-One Printer, Copier and Fax by Brother. It delivers fast, professional quality document and photo prints in the comfort of your own home, and it works well with your PC and digital cameras. Plus the built-in digital answering machine and full duplex handset with speakerphone let you handle home office chores with ease. Brother MFC665CW All-in-One Printer Features: Model No: MFC665CW Printer Type: Multi-function inkjet Printer Resolution: Up to 6000 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) – delivers photo quality prints Print Speed: Up to 27ppm (pages per…


  1. 2young2die2drunk2liV

    is it any good? whats with the ink how long does it last on regular use/ any tricks to make them last?

  2. 007Xmaster

    pretty cool

  3. keepingnix


  4. psyfertech

    i have the mfc-400 i believe and its amazing, scanning quality is outstanding and i am so amazed how they designed this system to where you can use it through your wireless router with like 4 computers printing off of that one machine, saves a lot of cables, lol but yeah whoever bought this good for you, the only problem i have found with it is that it will not print if any ink cartridge is emtpy and black ink costs a lot, 23 bucks

  5. 54spiritedwill54


  6. sacs2000

    Boring really boring and normal Video of something that U can see everyday i tought was going to be better.

  7. falt007

    Was the wireless printer easy to install? Thanks for your comment.

  8. psyfertech

    Yes it was, i dont have it hooked up wirelessly but normal setup was a breeze

  9. officetronicsfraud

    I love Hewlett Packard Products. I was disappointed when I found out Officetronics was selling used and refurbished equipment as new. Lookup “officetronics fraud” – The Owner Philip Kim is a fraud and a crook. STOP THIS COMPANY FROM STEALING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!


    HP printers never work for me, they probably just hate me but i think they are crap

  11. ammyandoki

    how are u supposed to scan a drawing that you drew with the scanner to put onto your computer? that’s the whole reason i watched this vid but now i found out that it was a waste of time.

  12. skillarz0wn

    wtf mine is broken how i fix :S

  13. HSN

    If you purchased from HSN within the past 30 days, contact Customer Service for assistance. Beyond that (or if you purchased elsewhere) the Brother support website is easy to find in search. They have email and phone options to get help.
    HSN Shopping Diva

  14. hym456

    lmao. this is the shittiest machine i have ever purchased. buy this if you plan to spend triple its price in ink in the first year. And if it breaks…ur fucked. good luck getting help from the website. your gunna have to have to call them and pay a fee.

  15. goodman854

    it sucks seting up wireless seems easy. But it sucks after. Doesn’t work wirelessly any more.

  16. chrischoy9

    @PSPRYANPSP I like my HPprinter, but it hates me such as running out of ink when printing a project, getting errors, crashed Microsoft office with my project that I haven’t saved (HP driver problem claimed my microsoft error reporting) etc…… Very annoying cartridges that dry up by not using it for a week, wast ink (If you turn your HP printer upside down, you will see about 20 mls of wasted ink!!. I can’t believe it!

  17. pcfix411

    HSN, keep these good videos coming into youtube.

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