Brother GT-782 White Ink Direct to Garment Printer Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek at the new Brother GT-782 white ink direct to garment DTG printer. Brought to you exclusively by Direct2Shirt this video shows you the actual production capabilities of the new production oriented white ink printer.


  1. freddycannonII

    man the anajet is such a joke in comparison

  2. Direct2Shirt

    This was designed for real production – that’s the beauty of it. Since it is built on the durable GT-541 model this also should be an incredible printer overall – especially with the speeds!

  3. Sub4Champ

    The AnaJet and Brother GT782 are in two different classes..$17k for AnaJet vs. $55k for Brother..speed is same…8 print heads on the Brother GT 782 at $1200 each to replace..1 on the AnaJet for $475…only the big boys will buy the Brother and it’s not even a proven machine..ha

  4. Direct2Shirt

    Sub4Champ – It would help if you had the facts. Brother equipment is in a class all its own – unrivaled. The printheads are NOT $1200 each-they’re less than $1000 ea and they don’t need replaced every couple months like other Epson based machines. Yes, production shops & high volume custom shops will buy this machine. To say that it is not entirely accurate since it is built on the highly acclaimed GT-541 (3 years old) – using the same heads and other components. You get what you pay for…

  5. tshirtsink

    Does it use the Epson print head?

  6. Direct2Shirt

    Absolutely not. It uses the very successful printheads that are in the current Brother GT-541 which are made specifically for apparel printing. That’s why this machine can do what it can do as quickly as it can do it with fewer issues than the “competitors”.

  7. yo831831

    Garbage, Get a Kornit..thats what we have

  8. Direct2Shirt

    Garbage… Hmmmm. I guess we will all see. Considering that the prints on the GT-782 beat anything that the Kornit can put out then I guess that doesn’t say much for the Kornit.

  9. ANAJETshawn

    When is the GT-782 going to be on the market?

  10. Direct2Shirt

    I hope to hear specifics on this by early next week. From what I have gathered – but am not sure – I think they will start shipping here in May or June.

  11. Direct2Shirt

    Oops. Sorry. Don’t make it much here as much as I should. They are going to start delivery End of June first of July. I have a couple slated already for installation.

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