Brother GT-782 DTG Documentary with macro photo

and macro still shots of printed designs on black shirts. The print quality rivals that of screen printing, yet exceeds the ease of use and allows runs as small as 1 shirt with full color graphics on dark shirts. Brother has made this machine with the utmost concerns about solving the white ink clogging issue with all other white ink printers on the market today. superfine resolution on a super opaque white ink makes for stunning prints. THIS IS NOT A CONSUMER GRADE MACHINE! The GT-782 is …


  1. kenscott2

    all that zooming in and out mad me sick!
    how about doing it with stills that last more than 2 seconds.

  2. drmary2020

    The other one titled: “Brother GT-782 DTG macro photo’s” is slower and more detailed.
    I think this one is more like a commercial that’s entertaining.

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