Brother GT-782 DTG Dark Shirts Direct to Garment NEW

Brother unvieled at the SGIA conventin in Atlanta, their latest printer for dark garments. Brother GT-782 Direct To Garment Ink Jet Printer. A DTG production machine, otherwise known as “The Beast” and a “Weapon of Mass Production”. A dual platen, dual ink jet print heads (4x-white ink and 1x-CMYK) manufactured for commercial production of dark garments and various other substrates. Charles M. Jessup, Inc. and Screen & Digital Supply and Direct2shirt cover the entire Northeastern US corridor and offer you unsurpassed technical expertise. We draw on 6 Brother Certified Technicians, as well as many other people with intimate knowledge of the industry. Our roots are in Screen Printing supplies & Equipment, however our focus is expanding into all phases of digital imaging supplies and equipment. Brother’s machine is just the latest in technology we bring to market. Contact us by phone or email for more information, or to place a deposit to guarantee Spring 2009 delivery. 1-800-525-4657 [email protected] www.ScreenAndDigital


  1. yo831831


  2. arkitekt2006

    how much is it? where can I get it?

  3. DMS0683

    The machine is not out yet and is around $55,000. That is way to much for a direct to garment printer.

  4. agentsmith1138

    $55,000!!!!! That seems like whole lot of money. How many jobs is that just to keep it running(inks, etc) and pay it off?

  5. fatsotomuscles

    Dayum!!! that much money!? Jesus, printer like these are geared towards small business owners, how the, and where the fuck are we gonna get that kinda money man!? Competing with ECKO and Famous clothing is hard enough already.

  6. RyomaSakamoto

    i from Venezuela. Can i send you my design and you can send me the t.shirt?

  7. Identitygraphx

    Is this printed with a water based ink?

  8. stefanowski1981

    i wana start mma t shirts but this price knock me out

  9. odracir691

    these machines are worth every single dollar. I’m a gt-541 owner and I love it. It was paid off in 1 year. You guys should give it a shot. Ricardo

  10. doetim

    Does anyone know if the artwork on a shirt printed on this printer lasts longer or shorter than that from traditional screen printing?

  11. doetim

    I think I read somewhere that the 541 wasn’t mac compatible. Hope this one is cuz for 55K it should cure cancer!

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