Brother GT-782 Direct to Garment White Ink Printer Preview

This movie was taken at the SGIA by Jay Jessup in conjunction with Direct2Shirt with his camera showing the basic operation of the Brother GT-782 white ink direct to garment printer. You can get a basic idea of its operation and ease of use. In a real life production situation you would be producing around 30-60 shirts per hour depending on the print mode. You can learn more by visiting or or and going to the Brother …


  1. Diver86jj

    I saw this at the SGIA show today in Atlanta. It is a giant step Brother has made into the “second generation” of commercial DTG (Direct-To-Garment) printers.

  2. tshirtsink

    Does this machine use the Epson print head?

  3. Direct2Shirt

    No. This machine is built from the ground up to be a garment printer. It uses print heads built by Brother to print textile inks. They lay down a lot of ink compared to the Epson printheads – and they won’t clog nearly as much because of that fact.

  4. cmyk075

    RealDeal DTG not like OEM DTG.

  5. Stendermac

    enjoy replacing those 8 printheads at almost $1000. It seems like a bit of over-kill considering that it took 4 minutes to print 2 shirts, without the heat cure… its also loud and very big. I think brother has a ways to go.

  6. Sharkweek2122

    No, tshirtsink, the Brother and the AnaJet are the only two printers that AREN’T just modified Epson printers.

  7. titchimp

    The Anajet is a modified Epson printer.

    Kornit is built from the ground up using spectra heads.

  8. Sharkweek2122

    Oh, Kornit, you’re right, I forgot to mention Kornit. So Brother, Kornit, and AnaJet.

    Pretty sure the AnaJet is not a modified Epson – I’ve read plenty on it and done the research. Brother, Kornit, and AnaJet all have their own print engines.

  9. titchimp

    I can tell you 100% the anajet runs off an epson printer (R1800 if things have not changed).

    If anyone from anajet attempts to tell you otherwise they are flat out lying.

  10. Sharkweek2122

    I’ve been to their factory in CA, I know for a fact that they have their own print engine. It was even confirmed in a magazine I read a few months ago by the vice president of technology for sgia – he confirmed himself that anajet has their own print engine, NOT an epson.

  11. titchimp

    Taken from their website:
    “Q What kind of print heads and print engine does AnaJet use?
    A. AnaJet uses Epson print heads and print engine. Much additional engineering efforts have gone into the system to assure the printer is optimized for textile and garment printing.”

  12. Sharkweek2122

    Unbelievable! That is an outright lie. If you go to anajet’s website that is NOWHERE on there! Also, if you go to Printwear Magazine’s website and look at their digital issues, 2008 D2, page 12, it clearly states that anajet uses their own print engine.

  13. Direct2Shirt

    I would have to disagree with you Stendermac. Depending on the print mode most users will see between 30-60 shirts per hour. The shirt printed in this video was pulling 1 shirt per minute – including running it down the conveyor dryer. You can cure the ink while printing – it isn’t done in the same process. The heads are $1000 or so each, however, if people are concerned about head costs and are not using the machine, then they shouldn’t have it…. have you seen Kornit’s head price?

  14. Direct2Shirt

    Also, in my response to Stendermac – these heads last a little longer since they are industrially built for this purpose…

  15. Direct2Shirt

    My bad. I thought I was in another video I had posted. The shirt rate per hour I mentioned was in our other YouTUbe video that is 6:28 long.

  16. CristianDeVeulla

    Very Fast ????? Kornit Digital is fast !

  17. lerouge80

    is true…..

  18. Tekdiver1981

    Do you have to coat the shirts before print on it?

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