Brother GT-541 Inkjet Garment Printer

This is a simple video showing the incredible new Inkjet Garment Printing technology available to anyone who wants to get into printing their own full color T-Shirts!


  1. Diver86jj

    Awesome video !!!

  2. RuRuB34r

    thats soooo sickkk

  3. charmedbycharmed

    hom much is it cost? [the machine]

  4. forline23

    this printer is about 19k and ink is about 200$ per color (CMYK)

  5. adeelansari

    Dude what is the cost of this machine and how much do the inks cost?

  6. Direct2Shirt

    Forline23 is about right. If you are interested contact us at 877-622-3377.. It is a great and profitable machine when you have a business plan.

  7. resapombo

    how much this printer….?

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