Brother GT-541 Direct To Garment Ink Jet Printer DTG

A short entertaining video of the latest & greatest machine from Brother International and Charles M. Jessup, Inc. We cover: NJ, NY, PA, MD, DE, IL, IN, MI, OH, KY (more)Available from: Charles M. Jessup, Inc., and Screen And Digital Supply, LLC


  1. chinaman6000

    how much does this machine cost?

  2. ablueshoe

    that look expensive… im just looking for a diy kind of thing

  3. TheGeek001

    Your looking at about 20K for the machine.


    whats the largest size image you can print on there & does this machine really cost 20k?

  5. Diver86jj

    14″ x 16″, yes $20k and worth every penny of it!
    This is NOT a hobby printer, this is a commercial piece of production equipment. You’ll never see this in Staples!

  6. yangueyren

    Are there any other printers that are cheap only? For small time business only?

  7. Supawizz

    Im looking actually on an other brand ” Fast T-Jet ” they have it better quallity and faster prints and cheaper!!

    19K :-)depending of model! small one only model is about 15K!

  8. Diver86jj

    Cheap Printers = cheap prints
    If your in business…. do it the right way

  9. Diver86jj

    Fast T-Jet does not print faster. To get the same high density image depth of color, you have to print the T-Jet 2 or 3 times = 2 or 3 times longer!

  10. yangueyren

    where can I get this type of printers in Philippines? and how much would it cost in PHP?

  11. bmbr1kn

    where can i get a printer like this one?
    how much is it?

  12. johnnymac1958

    I hope you didn’t buy a Fast-T Jet. I had three of the Fast-T Jet III’s. They were crap and never worked. Almost put US Screen Print out of business.

  13. 1Dancingfan

    So this is different from a transfer right….

  14. ScreenAndDigital

    This is DIRECT TO GARMENT inkjet printing. The heat press is just to cure shirts if you don’t have a good conveyor dryer.

  15. ScreenAndDigital

    So true, spoken by yet “another” unhappy user. One of many HUNDREDS of unhappy people. The Brother GT-541 is worth every penny. It is a COMMERCIAL QUALITY machine…. not a converted desktop inkjet printer.

  16. zodyact

    i would like to buy this shirt it available in Malaysia? how much will it cost me?

  17. ANAJETshawn

    cool video

  18. davide2321

    it is cool and seems easy to use but it costs like a brand a new car at $19,995 (PHP 960,000).

  19. GreeVen

    How is the quality?

  20. mexer

    Too bad the shirts fade all most as fast as there printed! direct to garment bullshit!!

  21. jagung5

    can it print on black t shirt…?

  22. Diver86jj

    If the shirts faded, we wouldn’t be able to sell ANY of these. You must be thinking of some hobby grade knock-off.
    This is a commercial production machine and is NOT INTENDED FOR CONSUMERS ot NON-PROFESSIONALS.

  23. Diver86jj

    Look at our video for the Brother GT-782 for DARK SHIRTS

  24. Diver86jj

    Excellent and totally wash resistant. Commercial quality

  25. StickerDude386

    I have had mine and my 4 crew for my lawn business same shirts 2 years now
    sorry you feel like that maybe you just SUCK and what you are doing!!!

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