Better Photo Inkjet Cartridges than HP!

Compare the difference in color photo printing. Regular HP inkjet cartridges leave that “faded” effect when you attempt to print photos with them. You could pay extra for their special photo cartridges, but then you also have to remember to switch your inkjet cartridges out every time you switch between document printing and photo printing. But why when you can have the best of both printing capabilities in one inkjet cartridge, and you pay LESS for the ink! Better quality for less is what you get when you purchase your inkjet cartridges from Unique Photo Printing. See us on the Web at and see how we give you the facts about how much ink goes into HP inkjet cartridges, compared to how much we put in our inkjet cartridges. Often there is a HUGE difference – simply because we fill the inkjet cartridges all the way!


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