Ah-Ha! Xerox Solid Ink Stumps Office Pros!

www.xerox.com Solid Ink, Xerox asks office workers if they know what it is…Solid Ink is a cartridge-free technology alternative to toner-based printers.


  1. delliswierd

    So You Can Eat Solid Ink???

  2. NicholeTiffany

    I can’t find any Solid Ink recipes, so I’m going to have to say NO to that, delliswierd. 😉

  3. geochafg

    yessss,it’s the best way to “burn” 200 watts in standby


    this really isnt solid ink, the stuff is nothing more than wax.


    there is a solid ink recipe: I was browsing the other day and found it. just type in solid ink. Its mostly wax.

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