About Us

Founded: August 2002

Mission: Find low cost, high quality printer ink cartridges available online from reputable companies. Create objective “Real” reviews of Printer Ink Suppliers by purchasing and evaluating their offers based on:  Quality, Customer Service, Shipping, and Price.

Our reviews are REAL.  We buy from the companies we endorse! There are way too many sites online telling you how great this or that company is solely to make a profit.  But have they ever purchased and tried the products themselves?  No! We have!

Background: Having purchased one of the first HP Deskjet printers in the early 1990’s, it became quickly apparent that the cost to operate would be a large monthy expense.  So we found a mail order company (At that time there were very few companies online) to provide our company with bottles of printer ink and the tools needed to refill our own cartridges.  Since that time the inkjet printer has exploded in popularity and the number of companies selling remanufactured cartridges and printer ink refill kits has exploded.  Unfortunately not all companies provide a quality product or good service.

Why so few reviews: We run a real world business and consume our share of ink.  We like the suppliers we have reviewed and trust them to continue to provide years of good service.  If they do not, we try a new company and review their service.  The majority of these companies are reselling he same generic brand products.  It’s really a trust issue for us… the prices are all about the same from company to company so we go with the people who have always treated us well.


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